Biju Swap Part 3

Wednesday (Gaara/Kyuubi)

Gaara was on a mission with Kankuro, and another sand ninja one which he didn't expect to last long. There were three missing Snow ninja and he and Kankuro were finding out just how tough snow ninja could be. Kankuro's chakra strings were frozen then reabsorbed into the snow ninjas. Adding to their chakra, Karasu had been crushed by an avalanche, and suddenly Gaara found himself encased in ice. He struggled madly, unable to free himself, Kankuro had been knocked unconscious now, and the other ninja was busy keeping off three of the snow ninja.

"Well, well, well," A young woman called out, her eyes and hair were silver. "Look who we have here!" Some of her comrades came over to inspect the man. "It's Sabaku no Gaara." Her comrades blanched,

"Be careful Gin." One warned cautiously, "This kid is dangerous."

"But look. We've got him in our clutches. We could make a name for ourselves just for killing him!"

"Alright, but finish him quick okay?" Said a pink-haired, gold-eyed kunoichi.

"Alright, alright! Geeze you take the fun outta everything ya know that?" The kunoichi called Gin shot back to the agitated girl. She began making hand signs, she was going to crush the whole party in a hell of an avalanche, and Gaara began screaming in his head. "Oh shit! Oh shit! I'm really gonna die this time!"

Kyuubi chuckled to himself,

"Do you really think so low of me boy?" He asked in mock indignation. Gaara suddenly felt a hot blazing fire awakening within him. It burned him, but the power rush was intense! Gaara couldn't hang on much longer, and he began snarling in a terrifying metallic voice. The six snow ninja backed away when they saw the red fiery chakra unfurl around the man, and lashed into nine swirling, writhing tails, the man's eyes turned red, and his pupils were black slits! His roars resounded in the desert, deafening and terrible! The ice around him exploded! Shattering like thin glass, and carving the slowest snow ninja, the smell of their blood filled his nostrils, and Gaara ran on all fours, his nine tails lashing around him like living whips. He had always thought that he was fast with Shukaku! But with Kyuubi behind the wheel, his speed was blinding, his power was less about brute strength, and earth-shattering power, and more about speed agility, and trickery, though it could not be said that Kyuubi lacked brute strength. His long fangs snapped on his victims, ripping them into shreds, he devoured them in the same fashion that a fox devours a mouse, but in a more terrifying manner. The threat gone, Gaara came to. There was blood splashed on his face, and he was panting hard, filled with both exhilaration, and the feeling of someone trying desperately to recall a vivid dream that fades with the morning light.

Wednesday (Naruto/Shukaku)

I think I did a very good job. Naruto was a nervous wreck by now, and his usual cheerful demeanor had been replaced by a nasty attitude, he had spent half of the morning throwing up until there was nothing left in his stomach. He looked like a drug addict and Sakura had asked him if he was drugs. He had bitten her head off of course, and the crazy look in his eye caused his precious Sakura to slink away, muttering darkly under her breath.

Kakashi hadn't been out of his house in a week, for fear of getting mobbed by lust-struck villagers, and Ino and Shikamaru had avoided Naruto like the plague, still unsure of what had happened to them. Naruto was training hard trying to work off the excess energy, he often trained himself to exhaustion, chowed down on more sweets and ran frantic laps around the village half of the day. Naruto felt awful! He was sick, jittery, and exhausted, there were bags under his eyes, and his throat burned from constantly throwing up. If he never saw another piece of candy or drank a soda after he got his beloved Kyuubi back, it would be too soon!

A desperate me had taken refuge the only way I could, sleeping without my ears, I would remove my ears and finally found blessed silence! I never thought I would miss his brat! I couldn't wait to get rid of this brat, and if I never had to digest caffeine and candy again in all of eternity, it would be too soon!

Just as night was falling, Rock Lee saw his friend running and decided to join him, "Ohh Naruto! You look awful! Is something wrong?" Naruto was about to tell Lee, he had to tell someone, but then he saw a flash in the trees, and Kabuto gave him a cheery wave and Naruto felt like he was going to black out, his body became numb, and he could feel me stirring inside of him. Naruto pressed his lips together and shook his head at Lee.

"It's a private bet to see whoever-err-can stay awake for a solid week." He explained, glowering hatefully at Kabuto, who smirked at him. He could feel my disappointment and anger as I retreated.

"Really?" Said Lee, "That is an interesting bet, and a good way to tough it out for long missions! I shall do this with you! Just tell me the stakes and we'll see who can last the longest!!" There was a moment of silence, as Naruto's brain whirred frantically, trying to figure out what to say to Lee.

"Uhh, the loser has to-uhh be the winner's slave for two weeks." Lee grinned,

"Then count me in!" He said jubilantly. Naruto let out a gusty breath almost too tired to respond--almost!

"Sorry Lee," he said apologetically, "but the bet's already started, two days ago in fact." Lee looked crestfallen. Naruto hated to disappoint his friends, and he said "It's okay Lee after I beat the pants off him we'll have our bet next believe it!" Lee cheered up considerably, and the two ran on, Lee shockingly doing most of the chattering, and Naruto beginning to regret having Lee there, his constant chatter and boundless energy was driving Naruto crazy. He was beginning to feel an uncontrollable rage consume him, and I, sick and shaky though I was, took my chance. I began by rattling the cages, and Naruto couldn't contain the Gaara-like snarl that rose from his throat. Lee stopped and snapped his head here and there looking for the red-headed boy who had beaten him at the chunin exams. Lee had not registered that the familiar sound that still haunted his nightmares had come from Naruto.

"Naruto?" He asked in a hushed whisper, "Did you hear-" But Naruto was gone.

Wednesday (Orochimaru and Kabuto)

"Ahh." Murmured Orochimaru to Kabuto, "Things are really getting interesting now. I loved the way Kyuubi's bloodlust took over Gaara, and see how hard Naruto fights for control with Shukaku. Although I don't believe he'll win this fight. Both villages could be destroyed, and I don't even have to lift a finger." Kabuto chuckled, "Shall I make Naruto black out completely?" Orochimaru sighed contemplatively. "Nooo, that would spoil all the fun. I'd like to see this played out fully before it comes to that." "Hn." Kabuto huffed, but didn't argue.

Wednesday Night (Gaara/Kyuubi)

Gaara surveyed the scene of death around him, Kankuro moaned and struggled to regain consciousness, the other sand ninja was staring at him, wide-eyed and confused. He had never seen Gaara in his half-possessed form, but he had seen illustrations of tanuki and knew that they did not have nine lashing tails. Gaara walked over to the man, never in his life had he felt so drained of power, and he felt so empowered at the same time. Kyuubi whispered that this man was a threat, and Gaara raised the enemy nin's sword and killed him without a second thought. He hoisted his brother over his shoulder, and ran for the village.

"Unhh, Gaara what happened?" Gaara snorted, "The enemy is dead, and so is our teammate. They ran him through with a sword." Kankuro grunted then passed out again. After dropping his unconscious brother unceremoniously on the bed, Gaara walked into his room, locked the door and fell fast asleep.

Wednesday Night (Naruto/Shukaku)

Naruto was struggling as he ran home, he was drawing out long rattling breaths, and his vision changed off and on as he and I battled for control. He ducked into a dark alley way, and curled up in a ball. His hands clasped over his hears, trying futilely to shut the tanuki's voice out. I crooned psychotically,

"Give in to it boy, the bloodlust...yes...that's right. Fall asleep and I'll destroy your soul. Hahahahahahahaha!" He could see the tanuki in his mind's eye leering at him, and panting with excitement.

"Shut up lard ass!" Naruto whispered fiercely.

"Kill them all, destroy them, their blood is soo sweet, so delicious. I can feel you salivating...kill them all...kill yourself...fall asleep! You won't have to suffer anymore! I'll kill you!"

"No! No! Shut up you stupid tanuki! Or I'll kill you!" I sneered,

"I'd love to see you try. Pathetic weakling! I'll crush you like a bug!" I had just made a serious error. Naruto screamed, and shoved me down back to where I belonged, but now that I had made my move, Naruto and all he held dear was in danger of becoming extinct!

Wednesday Night (Orochimaru and Kabuto)

"Oh damn!" Said Orochimaru, "The beast almost had him, but like the boy he never bothers to watch his mouth. I sometimes wonder if both boys had been given the wrong Biju? What do you think Kabuto?" Kabuto frowned, "Well, the Biju are more like their current hosts,. Kyuubi is swift, calculating, and deadly like Gaara. Shukaku doesn't have Kyuubi's brains, and goes crashing through everything without thinking, like Naruto. For all that, they balance their hosts out, giving Gaara a deadlier strength pound for pound, and adding a cunning side to Naruto." "Hmm. An interesting observation." Orochimaru nodded his hand on his chin.

To be continued...