Great News and Bad News

The bad news is that I died and somehow Teme cares...Now he really respects me-

Kyuubi:Hell no. I just thankful you saved my ne-chan.

Whatever. The great news is that ever since I went into the OC house, I've got fans.

Kyuubi:No way.

Yes way. In fact I made a list of my mates:

My Mates
1.)Jessica~Shared Mate with Gaara/my student
2.)Yurikami~Made by Naomi/First Biju to love me
3.)Valerie~AKA vdr-07/creator of Raijuu/one of my fans
4.)Ichigo~made by CK, the creator of Suki/first jinchuriki to love me
5.)Tora~Neka's friend/loves to travel and drink sake
6.)Tomoya(Mew Azuki)~made by Luna Chan/first Mew Mew/loved my band and my singing

Kyuubi:Impossible! You're dead, yet you have girls that love you.


Kyuubi:No...I have Suki. I will not envy you because you have more than me. I have more than you, yeet I am suffering.

That's it!*chokes Kyuubi*

Kyuubi:*punches me in the gut*

To be continued....