Merry almost-Christmas!!!/Snowball Fight

Merry almost-Christmas, everyone! I would like to host a Biju Christmas Party! I know Teme will have coal this year...

Kyuubi:No, I won't. How about you, Mr.Drunk in Jail that made Kai grounded?

Actually as always, I'm undecided. As long as I celebrate it with a nice person, I get gifts.


Snowball Fight >XD!*throws a big snowball at Kyuubi*

Kyuubi:*spits out snow*I thought you hate the snow since you are a desert person!

True, but I always wanted to do that on you!

Kyuubi:BAKA!*throws snowball as well*

Missed! By the way, does Suki make her your Biju Queen?

Kyuubi:*blushes*COME HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU!*chases Shukaku*

With that aim? HA! You couldn't hit me if your life depended on it.*gets hit by snowball*THAT'S IT! This means war!!!XD*makes a snow fort and ducks in cover.