Happy Valintine's Day!

Today is officially Valintine's Day. I'm so excited with Yuri's date.

Kyuubi:You know in Japan, the women give men candy. On White Day in March 14th, the men give women candy.

Really? That's even better! Since Yuri and I love each other very much, I'm going to get lots of chocolate.

Kyuubi:Yep. By the time Valintine's Day has ended, you'll be looking like a huge blimp.-_-'

Oh yeah? Imagine your face when Suki feeds you lots and LOTS of lollipops non-stop!XD

Kyuubi:*blushes*I wanna kill you..........

[Knock on door]

Man:Delivery for Shukaku Ichibi!

[Tons of cards and chocolates come out and Kyuubi is inside the huge pile]

Kyuubi:MmmmMmmMmMMMM!(Translation:Baka, get me out of here!)

*eating chocolate*Sorry Teme, but I'm too busy eating chocolate!

To be continued...