Yuri is Pregnant!^^ A word to the kids

Guess what? I made Yuri pregnant!^^

Kyuubi: About time...

Shut it, Teme! Anyway, they are triplets and they're 2 boys and one girl. Yuki, Yumi, and Tsuki. Here are them now.

Yuki: Hi there. Right now, we're in mama's stomach. Baka is being like baka as always. Yumi's trying to take over mama and make mama giant. And dada is being like the perverted, drunk baka he is.^^

Kyuubi: I like Yuki. We both think you're a baka.

HEY! Yumi, what do you have to say?

Yumi: Hi people in the outside.^^ Just to let you know, I'm not like Aunt Misa. So far, mama is feeding me lots. I like that. But I think mama too small...why can't mama be big like dada? Dada strong and handsome. I even have a picture to prove it.^^ See? *holds out picture*

Yumi: I hope I can stay in here forever, but in a few weeks I'll be out. So that's me.

Like daughter, like father I suppose...Where's Tsuki?

Yuki: Tsuki was scared to meet the people, so he went on the other side and tried talking to mama in cat.-_-'

Ohhhhhhhh...That's all the time we have today. *here's crash*

Yuri: OW! Oh no, I'm big!


Gotta go!*runs to where the Yoshidas are*

Yuki: Yumi, you didn't! >.<

Yumi: I did.^^

Yuki: Why life, why you torment me?