My Big Date

Hey people. Yuri and I had an awesome date.XD It went like this (in script format):

Me:*laying down on the ground, no shirt on*

Yuri:*holding a strawberry up to my mouth, wearing a lingerie nightgown, her pregnant body showing* hungry, handsome?

Me:*eats the strawberry*

Yuri: Hee hee!^^*seductive giggle*

Me: Okay then.*wraps arms around Yuri* Now it's my turn to feed you.

Yuri: O//////O shouldn't have...^/////^

Me:*picks up phone* Hello, I would like 10,000 pizzas to go...Yeah, put it on Teme's credit card. Thanks!*hangs up and turns to Yuri* Now where were we?>:}

[insert major sexual pervertedness here]

Me: Look, the pizzas are here!^^*holds up pizzas* Half for you, half for me.*gives 5,000 for Yuri*

Yuri: Thanks Shu-koi!*licks cheek*

[5 hours of eating together]

Yuri: There's the last slice.

Me: Let's share.

Yuri and I:*takes one end and eats it until their lips touch and they kiss*

*both groan at the same time*

Yuri:*looks at her stomach* Man, I feel bloated. Too much pizza.

Me: Yeah me too.*pats stomach, then grabs Yuri* Here, sleep on'll make my stomach ache go away.

Yuri:*lies down on me* Good night, Shu-Koi!

Me: Good night, my mate.



And that's what happened. Teme didn't care for his credit card cuz' he's was too busy with Suki, if you know what I mean. As for Yuri and I, we keep having this kind of dates. Which means we'll be feeding each other more often.>:)*pats stomach* Well, that's all for today.