Ughh Its been really cold down here way down south TEXAS. Like 30's!!! HECK! EVEN 20's I know its nothing comparied to the Northern weather up in you know Ohio, New York, Vermont and so on! But Ima summer baby =D I lovvveeeee the...

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Sneek Peak

Hey Otaku fans!! How are you?? hahah uh basically Im gunna tell what kinda person I am and stuff like that hahaha yay here we go!!

My name is Abby :D Im like 5ft 3in ugghh i wanna be taller!!
My hair is dark brown and passed my shoulders.

Im a hardcore cross country runner [sort of haha]
I love running and Ive been running since I was a 7th grader and I am currently in 12th SENIOR!!! YAY! I run on the Varsity and am Second best on the team :D yay. My nickname on the team is The Beast. I wanna run in college but I still have time to look into that but not really.

Ive been drawing since i was 6 years old. I love it. I can do better idk why I put such nonsense up!! XD Im too lazy to upload anything haha but Ive been working hard on some stuff so hopefullt ill post some decent art.

My personality just depends what mood im in. But most days im cheery and happy =D Though through the season Im pretty tired get up at 5:25 a.m. for 6:15 a.m practice cuz i live far from school :/ ugggh haha

As for food everyone loves it!!! I eat alot haha and like almost everything except beans!!!! Id rather have some raw eggs which I do eat :D Raw eggs are healthy lol. Im always hungry!! We are runners! Ofcourse we gunna eat alot!

I wanna design clothes or be a high school coach and have my own cross country team. I did wanna do lawenforcement but someting trumatizing [recently] happened in my family and uh I just relaized that I dont wanna be unhappy or see unhappy ppl.