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Gil's Profile

Pokemon: Glaceon

Name: Gil

Age: 19

Day of Birth: December 31th

Hair color: Light gray with aquamarine tips at the bottom of his bangs

Hair length: Long

Eye color: Aquamarine

Skin tone: Pale

Type of Pokemon: Ice

Gender: Male

Height: 6’3’’ or 190 cm

Weight: 190 lb

Held item: Dragon fang

Relationships: None for now

Attacks: Icy wind, blizzard, Ice shard, Ice fang, hyper beam, bite, avalanche

Personality: At first you could say Gil has a passive and lazy personality since he likes to take some things as calmed as possible and loves to relax; to a certain point that is true, however he is very perceptive with everything that is happening around him.

He is a sweet, caring, kind and overprotecting (with his little brother) guy who at the same time can be very enigmatic and distant with his past and personal things because he doesn’t trust people easily. When you get to know him and he allows you to get in his life, you will see that he likes to tease a lot and being naughty appeals to him too.

He too is very exigent with his tastes in females so not many have the chance to get to know him. As a curious fact, he gets drunk easily.

When Gil is angry or fighting an enemy he is rather the strong guy who likes to fight and finish his opponents (if a great amount of blood isn’t involved); if the enemy is a female he will be compassionate; however if it is a male he won’t doubt in killing.

Hometown: Snowpoint City

Likes: Nature, sleeping, staring at clouds, training alone or with someone close to him, ice cream, being caressed while sleeping, specially his hair and Japanese food he LOVES Japanese food and Sake

Dislikes: Hot weathers or anything that has to do with that, scandalous people, hunters, being alone, blood.

Fears: Losing his little brother and not being able to protect him; dying by fire and blood (he kinda panics with blood)

Weaknesses: Fighting, rock, steel, fire

Strengths: Ice

Full Outfit: Black pants, white belt, black collar, light blue tank top that goes in degrade to a light aquamarine with aquamarine rhombus at the bottom, Light blue sleeves that end in gloves; the sleeves have little belts at the top and a darker blue bracelets at the bottom; black boots and another collar that is hidden and has the fang on it.

Looks: Handsome gijinka with an interesting mark at his left cheek, Glaceon ears (one of them with is pierced) and tail and a tattoo of his clan on his back.

Background: Gil belongs to a clan of Glaceon gijinkas and pokemon that is distinguished for a mark on his cheeks and a mark from born on a part of their bodies; this clan got separated and established in a zone of Snowpoint village, allowing Eevee that wanted to become Glaceon and Glaceon only.

Gil was born in a warm family that loved him very much; he grew being a very polite gijinka who helped in the village and was loved by everyone. Years passed and Gil’s little brother was born; when that happened, Gil became the best big brother in the world and the siblings were known in the village because of the nice relationship they had.

One day Gil was told by his parents to travel to Snowpoint city in order to buy an especial item that the clan needed, he accepted happily and left. When he was about to return to the clan he began to hear conversations of citizens who said that a group of hunters were planning to attack the clan of Glaceon; after investigating in a fast way he discovered the group of hunters had already left for the attack; Gil tried to get some help from the citizens but it was in vain so he left as fast as he could.

When he arrived, he found himself with a chaotic scene; it was the first time he saw a big fire (started by a special substance against the ice and snow); everything was destroyed and the last thing he saw was an Aggron gijinka along with a group of hunters and pokemon leaving the scene; Gil began to search for his family and was shocked when he found out they were dead; however he didn’t find his little brother there; at the end he looked in their favorite place and found out an injured little brother who didn’t stop bleeding.

Gil didn’t know what to do so he treated his brother and began traveling to the only place apart from the clan and city that he knew: his Aunt’s place. When they arrived their aunt, a Flareon gijinka, received them with all the love of the world because her clan already knew about the tragedy.

At first it was difficult for them to accustom to the fire clan but after some months, everything was normal again. Years passed and life was doing well for Gil and his brother until one day when he was returning for a walk, a certain Aggron gijinka found him. He told him that he noticed when he arrived after the chaos his group created and that he never left a work incomplete, still he said he would give him a chance and promised that if he left the Flareon clan he wouldn’t do anything but if he stayed, the same tragedy would happen again.

Two days later Gil was leaving the town lying to his family. Still he promised his brother to write him letters constantly.