Roselyn's New Profile


Pokemon: Roselia

National #: 315

Title:Thorn Pokemon

Type of Pokemon: Grass/poison

Held Item: none

Ability: Natural Cure

Attacks: SolarBeam, Giga Drain, Sunny Day, Petal Dance, Toxic Spikes, Sweet Scent…

Weak Against: flying, fire, ice, psychic.

Name: Roselyn

Nick Names: Rosie, Ros, Kitty (Only Cain and Naara use it)

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Birthday: February 4th

Birthstone: Amethyst

Sign: Aquarius

Element: Air

Height: 5’6’’

Weight: 110 lb

Chest: 36 C

Hair Color: Apple Green

Hair Length: Long

Eye Color: Intense Blue

Skin Tone: Peach

Build: Hourglass

Markings/Scars: None

Tattoos: None

Piercings: Ears (for the earings)

Looks: Mysterious and beautiful gijinka with a red rose on the right hand and a
blue one on the left one.

Full Outfit: green apple shoulder pad and backless strapless dress; a triangle form yellow turtleneck, green high heeled shoes.

Persona: Roselyn is a calm, sweet, caring girl that becomes passionate and sexy
when someone enters her heart. She is elegant and mysterious; still she is happy, delicate, active (but not hyper) and dedicated to things she cares about.

Orient: Straight

S/O: A certain someone

Rival: A certain Roserade female gijinka

Siblings: two little sisters that are Budews

Relationships: her parents, ex-boyfriend Cain, Naara (she is her best friend
and a Ninetails gijinka)

Hometown: Solaceon City

Grade: She would be a college student

Job: None

Song Name: For you

Song Artist: Azu

Likes: Nature, wind, sunny days, training in group, Japanese tea, clean spaces, flowers, singing, sour candies, perfumes and anything for a body Spa. (She loves taking good care of her body and hair)

Dislikes: Aggressive people, hot weathers, hunters, people that hurts nature, dirtiness, lies, and crybabies.

Fears: loosing the person she really loves, being betrayed, sharp things
Strengths: flying, fire, ice, psychic.
Weaknesses: fighting, grass, water, electric


Food: French Food

Drink: English Tea

Color: Green

Flower: Rose

Tree: Weeping Willow

Season: Spring

Activity: Shopping and taking aromatic baths


Background: Roselyn was born in a noble family in Solaceon city; she was the only one able to continue with the Roselia Royal blood and for that reason she
was being forced to engage with a Roserade older gijinka.

Roselyn and her mother disagreed with the idea but there wasn’t anything to do but escaping away from home, so they plotted a situation for that objective.

The night of the formal ceremony for the engagement her mother bought some time
and so she ran away from home; some days later she was told by a card that her mother would be told to get pregnant again for the sake of the royal family. At first she thought about returning but her mother told her she was too young and she willed for her daughter to live her life at full; Roselyn was determined to fulfill that objective so she continued.

After she left the Roselia’s family territories, Roselyn experienced different adventures and improved her artistic and fighting skills in company of other gijinkas. She too participated in many Gijinka Contests, losing the first two which made her determined to improve even more.

The young Roselia travelled for a year and now was thinking about settling in one town away from Solaceon city. Laer, she heard of a contest going on in a nearby town and so she decided to participate; however when she arrived the stadium was destroyed.

A little bit dissapointed, she kept walking through the town until it was late and cold; at that time she was found by a certain Luxray.