July SS Wishlist

Alright, December Secret Santa was so much fun, so joining this one too: link
Always nice to get gifts haha, speaking of which, all the drawings I owe, I haven't forgotten about them! They're coming! Even though I had a lot of free time last month for drawing, I spent it all preparing for Anime North ><

Ok now for the wishlist:

* Requested character not chibi-fied please ^^


1. Fire Emblem 4: Cuan and Ethlin, Lex and Aira

2. Fire Emblem 8: Joshua and Natasha, Ephraim and L'arachel

3. Legend of Korra/ AtLA: Mako and Korra, Tenzin and Lin (younger days if you prefer), Zuko and Toph

4. Baccano: Vino and Chane

5. Chihayafuru: Chihaya and Arata

6. Nameless ocs: pair 1, or pair 2

-One character from any of the following, categorized by series:

1. Fate/Zero: Gilgamesh > Kirisugu

2. Kuroko no Basuke: Kise

3. Legend of Korra: lol anyone (except Amon, Hiroshi...)

4. Chihayafuru: Arata

5. Sket Dance: Switch

6. Ace Attorney: Edgeworth

7. Radiant Historia: Stocke

8. Baccano: Vino > Firo

9. Young Justice: Dick Grayson as Robin or Nightwing or normal clothes

I know some of the stuff are kinda obscure, but hopefully there's something familiar. Thank you secret santa!!!