i am back for i dont know how long but ...

well here Sparks and i are just trying to get back into the swing of things.

blah again

i know i havent been in pgr or the o for that matter. but i have been working and school and such full time and i'm home sick. :(
its all for best though i think. i'm sorry for the downer mood but hey u have fun and if anyone can up date me on the pgr or join any of my worlds that would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks
Sparks and Dan out. =^^=

interuption, this is his girlfriend. lol

Sorry but i just asked Otomii if i can join the PGR. lol and i just figured out how to get here. sorry again hun, but i just wanted to post hi. and hello Sparks and that i love you both. lol
weird love tri-angle. lmfao. just joking around. :)


I have been trying to stay updated here but it seems that only i am on when i can be. alwell, anywho wish i had my own comp. scanner and tablet. I would show you guys my drawing, even though its not that great.
Oh, btw: im making a few worlds{well, trying to make the basic ideas better} plz check them out. Im trying to make a non-naruto naruto world called; The Village Hidden Amoung The Magma. and im trying to make my own version of rosario+vampire {the monster highschool idea} called Monster Senor High.
Studying for Pharmicy tech and being in that boring classroom is a SERIOUS drag. "sigh" lol {a shikamoru moment} but hey its a job and it pays better then flipping burgers or making tacos [the only other options for me back in my home town] :(
lol, its ok Plz check out my stuff and tell me what you think or how i could make it better.

thank you =^^=

Oh and Sparks says hi to everyone in the PGR, he is still training hard, i think he blew himself up yesterday. He soooo reminds me of my fav DBZ character--> Vegeta. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i don't know when the next time i can post will be. so here Sparks and i am. by the way my name for online stuff is Shikamori. i was going to change it to my real name when i got confortable but now it wont let me, sorry. my real name is Daniel but I made alot of RP characters named Shikamori. and I also go by Phantom, like "Danny Phantom" the nicktoons cartoon. I miss that show. anywho, you may call me Shikamori, Dan, Daniel-san (or anything japanese-ish), or Phantom. up to you. :)

but please call Sparks; Sparks and nothing els. thank you
"thats right i really really dont like being called Sparky; thats my cuzin jolteon" "her name is Courtney, but she goes by Sparky".

"back to training while im not in the story"
*crackles knuckles and walks away*