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News: The New NCC-1701 Look

Hello everyone! Stararnold here! Today is a day of interesting news. As some of you may know, the 11th "Star Trek" movie (completely titled "Star Trek") is coming to theaters in May of 2009 and will focus on how the primary characters of the origi...

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Star Trek Survey

Today, I added the first survey to this world, Sci-Fi Nation. Like always, the polls and surveys in this territory tend to be a part of what helps me get to know about you, the visitors here. This time, it's about the "Star Trek" Franchise. You may want to open a new tab to answer the survey while you try to write your commentary about it in the coment box attached to this post. Also, feel free to tell your friends about the polls themselves. I'm sure they'll have fun with this feature.

Star Trek Survey

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