Hello and welcome to the clubhouse! A place where gijinka from far and wide come to relax, train, form new friendships or even go out on quests!

Of course, like any kind of group or team. There's always the group who thinks they're better than everyone else. And they try to prove that through bullying and stealing someone elses quest.

But that's not the only problem, no. Lately strange things have been happening on Gijinkako island. And everyone has to work together to try and solve these mysteries, or something horrible could be lying in wait...

This is an RP based off of Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon ^^


Our little world - Tori the Torchic

lapaperninja - Zen the Zangoose

Itachiweasle - Lucius the Lugia and Umeko the Umbreon

DeathApple3 - Vacelia the Vaporeon

ZelostheGreat - Carrin the Castform and Fressa the Frosslass

kyouyarenge - Esvee the Espeon

inufluffy12 - Chii the Chikorita

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Characters you need to know

Fressa the Frosslass

Name: Fressa Age: 19 Gender: Transvestdite <- [No one knows that 'she' is a 'he'...] Pokemon: Frosslass Hair Colour, Length and Style: Short hair in the back that dips and becomes long in the front. Some of her hair...

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Alrighty, before we get started, a little challenge~

That's right! Before we finally begin posting, I'm setting you a little challenge. There are three different options, and I don't really care which one you choose. Though I have a feeling most people will choose the third... ^^;;

Option One
Draw your character~
This is for people who like to draw, have a scanner, or tablet etc. Fairly simple, I just want to see what your character loos like. Of course I have an idea from your description of them, but only you know exactly how they're supposed to look.

Option Two
Design a banner~
This is for people who enjoy designing with photoshop, paint.NET or what ever other program you have. Just create a banner for The Clubhouse! Prefferably something to do with pokemon, as well as usuing the RP's name, other than that you have free reign.

Option Three
Character interviews~
This is for people who don't have any tools to draw or whatever, and don't have an programs to create a banner with. It should be pretty easy to figure out, just interview your character! Ask them questions and such so we can get a better feel of their personality.

I hope these options are okay!

Characters you need to know

The Guides – Plu the Plusle and Min the Minun At 14 years old, these twins will usually be found bickering about the tiniest of things, and are the ones you come to if you need a guide to show you around ...

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Chii the Chikorita

inufluffy12's character <3 Name: Chii Age: 15 Gender: Female Pokemon: Chikorita Hair Colour, Length and Style: Short, light green hair that goes to just below her ears Eye Colour: Red Appearance:...

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Esvee the Espeon

Name: Esvee Age: 17 Gender: Female Pokemon: Espeon Hair Colour, Length and Style: Purple, long (like, butt length,) with shoulder length bangs. Eye Colour: Dark purple-bluish Appearance: about 5'7", weighs...

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