The Host Club's Favorite

Chapter 1 - Meeting the Host Club

Panting- waiting for my breath to return. I looked back at the two boys who were following me, getting a good glance at them and turned forward again continuing to run as I turned a corner down a strange hallway I’ve never seen before. Why. Why do they want me? There are tons of girls here at Ouran, so why me? I kept asking that in my mind over and over until it got stuck there-no way out.

The tallest boy had brown hair down to his shoulders; his jacket unbuttoned revealing his white undershirt and his tie. His pants were a mess. They were slightly hugging his hips showing his boxers underneath, with his shirt barely covering them. The other boy had shaggy blonde hair that came to his chin. His jacket was neatly buttoned, unlike the other boy, and his pants were up to his waist-which should be how they’re worn.

“Stop, leave me alone!” I cried running a little faster looking back every five seconds, hoping to see that they would finally disappear, but they wouldn’t.

“Oh come on now, Sugar. We just want to have a little fun. Don’t you just want to get out of this school, and hop into one of our vehicles?” The brown haired one asked picking up his pace to me. The blonde kept quiet and never said a word. To me it seemed like he was the tall one’s apprentice.

I just kept running, trying finding a place to hide, when I found a door to my right. I stopped for a second starring at it to see if it was safe. I looked above my head to the marker reading it. Music Room #3

Without anymore hesitation, I opened the door-running in and closing it right behind me- strapping my arms over both doors to keep the two boys out. After my breath developed in my lungs, I saw flower petals falling from the air right in my face. Brushing them away I moved forward seeing 8 beautiful men standing in my vision. Two of them I had seen before, but the others were just as magnificent. They all were dressed in straw skirts, flower necklaces and bracelets, and some of them wearing coconut bras. (Me: Lmao)

“Welcome.” All of them were standing in a row basically, as they welcomed me in.

I was speechless, and couldn’t move a muscle. I tried moving my legs closer to get a better view of them all, but it was like I was stuck in a batch of dried cement.

Unexpectedly, the blonde from the group came up to me with a rose in his right hand holding it close me, bowing his head. “Hello, Princess. I haven’t seen you before, do I know you?” he then lifted his head letting his eyes meet mine.
“Uh…” I said astounded stepping back against the door slamming my back into it.

“We know who she is.” Two twins announced appear right behind the blonde-one on his right and one on his left. “She’s Seramea Kama.” The twins said in agreement.

Tamaki stood straight looking down at me with his beautiful blue eyes-staring right into my pupils. “Oh, Seramea- That’s a really pretty name for a really pretty girl.” He said carefully grabbing my hand and bowed down on his right knee.

Out of nowhere, a small looking boy came up to me, grabbing my arms and tugging at the sleeve of my Ouran uniform dress. (I hate those dresses). “Seramea-Chan is it? That is a pretty name. Do you want to eat some cake with me and Usa-Chan?” He held a stuffed bunny up to my face making the bunny sway back and forth.

I smiled at the adorable bunny then back to the small boy, slowly pushing the bunny down and sinking down to his height. “I would love to have some cake with you and Usa-Chan.”

The tiny boy blushed and hugged Usa-Chan closer to his chest, suddenly making random flowers appear around him. He tugged at my arm and took me over to a table with a lot of cake surrounding the surface.

“Amazing, I’ve never seen so much cake before.” I said as I scooped the back of my dress in my hands as I sat down in my seat.

“Here, Hunny-Senpai. Here is your tea.” This person with brown hair that reached between their chin and shoulders said as they placed the tea on the side of the table.

I couldn’t help but stare at them. I knew the person, but I was always baffled at whether they were a boy or girl. It has to be a boy; he is wearing a boy’s uniform. Although his eyes look very much like a girls and his voice sounds much like one. Maybe I should ask?

“Um, pardon me Haruhi, I couldn’t help but thinking, but are you male or female?” I asked as I picked up my cup of tea and sipped at it as I was still staring at her, him, which ever they were.

All of a sudden I heard everyone in the room gasp and become tense staring at me and the indescribable person.

“Of course Haruhi is a boy!” The Blonde said as he rushed over to Haruhi’s side and patted ‘him’ on the shoulder.

I stood up from the table and stood in front of Haruhi and then I started circling Haruhi checking out his or her body features. I stopped in front of Haruhi once more, smirking I snickered and turned my head to the Blonde. “If Haruhi is a boy,” I moved my head back to Haruhi’s face. “Then I could kiss him without any struggles.” I started moving my face closer to Haruhi’s, hearing everyone gasp again.

“OKAY, OKAY! HARUHI IS A GIRL!” The blonde said as he dropped to his knees. “Just don’t kiss my little girl!” he begged as he tugged at the bottom of my dress.

I moved back putting my hands on my waist, staring down at him with sophisticated eyes. “Thank you.” I said as my eyes closed and my mouth turned to a smile. “That’s all I wanted, but no one would tell me-so I had to do that.” I said as I picked the blonde by his elbow.

He smiled back as he nodded his head then turned to one of the boy’s with glasses and that was holding a black notebook that he was writing in. “Kyouya, get this girl a piece of cake and let her eat it with Hunny-Senpai.” He said as he snapped his fingers.

The black head did as he was told and walked up to me with a piece of chocolate cake on a plate in his right hand. “Excuse us, we never introduced ourselves. We are the Ouran Host Club. I am Kyouya Ootori, The one that called Haruhi his little girl is Tamaki Suou, this one with Usa-Chan is Mitsukuni Haninozuka Aka Hunny-Senpai, this is Takashi Morinozuka Aka Mori-Senpai he looks over Hunny-Senpai, and these are the twins, Hikar-“

“They are Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin in class 1 A. I’ve met them before, same with Haruhi and me. We are all in the same class.” I interrupted as I put my fork through my cake and stuck a piece in my mouth.

Out of the corner I could see both twins smiling and waving towards me with the goofy grin of theirs. “Hi Seramea, how is it going?”

I smiled with a piece of cake in my mouth waving with the fork in my hand and then swallowing my cake and reaching for another piece with my fork. When I was finished I sat my plate on the table next to me and took a look at my watch. “Oh my god, I have to get back to the Cafeteria, my friends are probably wondering where I am.” I said as I started for the door before Tamaki stood in my way.

“Seramea, please tell me why you ran in here earlier. You were breathless and you looked scared. Can you tell me why?” He asked as he leaned forward curiously.

I gulped. I didn’t want anyone to know about what happened earlier, especially the host club. I don’t want them to know and then tell other people-though that would be wrong. “Um, I got lost and I couldn’t find my way.” I lied as I tried to go around Tamaki to get to the door.

“Seramea,” someone said right when I opened the door.

I know that voice, I’ve heard it a lot somewhere from my class a lot; I talked to him every day. “Yea, Kaoru?” I asked without taking a breath. I’ve always loved Kaoru and never knew why. Sure Hikaru looked just like Kaoru, but he doesn’t have the same personality-caring, kind, and calm.

He stepped forward and held a hand out to me hoping I would take it and talk to him calmly. “Will you please tell me?”

My head was bowed to where I could see the floor and my eyes started to water, I tried to hide back the tears with my strength. I lifted my head up and turned towards Kaoru, and then the tears started pouring over my eyes and down my cheeks. I ran into Kaoru’s chest wrapping my arms around him hoping for comfort.

Kaoru’s face was shocked and then wrapped his left arm around my waist took his right arm and put his hand on my head, laying his cheek on the top of my head. “Is that a yes?”

I nodded into his chest and lifted my head up, sniffing and staring into his eyes. “I was in the Cafeteria because it was lunch and everything and I had to use the restroom. So I excused myself from the table and walked out of the Cafeteria and into the hall, when two boys started walking behind me.” I started as I whipped my tears away.

Kaoru synced something bad was fixing to happen so he got an angry expression on his face, pulling his eyebrows close together.

“At first I thought they were just going in the same direction, until I kept changing my direction to a different hallway. That’s when I found out they wanted something from me. They kept calling me ‘Sugar’ and they would keep asking me if I wanted to have some fun and if I wanted to go to one of their vehicles. I kept running and running and they kept picking up pace as well. That’s when I spotted this room and opened it, running into it and then meeting all of you.” I was now out of Kaoru’s arms and standing with my arms crossed over my chest.

Kaoru’s teeth tightened to what he had just heard and wanted to find both of the boys and smother them for what they were thinking. “Well, if you ever see them again, come to me and Hikaru and we will take care of them.” He said as Hikaru popped up at Kaoru’s side putting on arm around him.

“Thanks you guys, but I’ve got to get back to the Cafeteria to tell my friends what happened.” I said turning back around grabbing the door knob and opening the door once more. “It was lovely meeting all of you. Bye for now.” I said as I walked out of the room and headed back to the Cafeteria to tell all of my friends my experience.