It's hot: 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This weather is not typical of Minnesota--The land of snow. We're currently in a severe heatwave.

The second you go outside, you begin to perspire. The humidity is so dense. You immediately need water. Regardless of the sun, it's best to stay indoors, and stay hydrated.

If I can't soak up my daily dose of Vitamin D, then a creation on theO will have to satisfy my need!

Take a quick peek at the wallpaper section, and you'll find something so beautiful, awe-inspiring, and amazing, that your jaw will drop.


The [SOUL] of nature by Hanako Sho

Why Dev-chan Approves:

If there's something that blows my mind so much, that I'm at a loss for words, this work needs to be known by everyone. Look at the flowers--They are stunning! Don't even get me started on the typography--This work makes me wish Summer could last forever! Hanako Sho has submitted a masterpiece!

*Hugs and favorites*

Excellent creation, you're skill is stunning! ♥

R e a l i t y ?

Today, I found myself writing an autobiography about my time as a child at daycare [linkage]. We all have emotions, and bottling up is never good--they have to be released sometime.

I did so for Saxgirl's challenge--releasing a secret withheld for too long.

As I took a gander at today's cards, I just found something so ironic to what I had just created.

Dev-chan force feeds you the wondrous ecard--CLICK IT, CLICK IT:

Reality by Nru

Why Dev-chan Approves:

It simply the tells the truth--sometimes life is good, sometimes it seems like there's a raincloud hovering right above you. I find that this creation is quite awe-inspiring, and beautiful! Nru has touched my heart with this colorful card! <3

*Hugs and favorites*

Excellent work, I simply adore it!


On this dismal day here in Minnesota, I found myself a little depressed. It was raining--not just your average sprinkle--a DOWNPOUR. IT WAS ALL SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS 8 HOURS AGO! To enlighten my day, I took a jog over to the fan art section, and I found something so delightful that I just had to show it to the whole world! >:D


THE HORROR. by Eneko

Why Dev-chan Approves:

It's got Nyan Cat, WHICH IS THE BEST THING EVARRRRRRRRRR! *Serious face*, this creation not only displays the KITTEN THAT SHALL TAKE OVER THE WORLD popular meme, but it also features OC's created here on theO in a world called Pokemon Gijinka Revolution, or PGR for short. This work certainly has comedy, and I love the motivational poster feel as well! Eneko has displayed her talents very well!

*Hugs and favorites*

Excellent artwork, NYAN, NYAN, NYAN! ♥


A brilliant idea popped into my mind today--to create a world filled with theOtaku related stuff (such as art) that I like! There's just no better day to begin this world than today--Independence Day!

Quite fittingly, I have chosen a card just for this occasion: CLICK IT, AND I GIVE YOU A KITTEN.

Independence by Felcie

Why Dev-chan Approves:

It's got ENGLAND AND AMERICA GETTING IT ON. No, in all seriousness, it's got the element of comedy. Not just the scan, but the quote as well! You can read that quote and interpret it in two completely opposite meanings, XD! Felcie has displayed her talents quite well!

*Hugs and favorites*

Excellent card, brava, brava! ♥