2nd day with otaku

Well, This is my 2nd day here. Already its been really nice. I have met lots of nice ppl already. What a great place to be a member too. Its much nicer and cleaner than myspace. Although I do have a myspace so let me know if you want to be friends there too

Well like I said I would, lets talk about video games.

Firt off, if your reading this what is your favorite platform?

It is much too hard of a choice for me. I love Playstation Xbox and Nintendo. But I have a tendancy towards the oldschool nintendo platforms. Such as Super Nintendo and N64, While I like the most up to date in Sony and Microsoft platforms.

Well after we get some conversations going I will post some more.

Remember Its cool to be a nerd. Its a nerds world!

~Lost Lotus~


Hi there!

Im Lost Lotus and this is the Lotus Pod. Thank you for coming and I hope you will enjoy your stay here at The Pod.

This particular world is going to serve as my blog where i will post updates on my life and what im doing, what kind of anime or manga im currently into and talk about my favorite games. Its a great place to get to know me.

Again thank you for coming and I hope to make lots of friends so feel free to add me

~Lost Lotus~