My Own First Cosplay!

Well, I've shared my Ranma cosplay with you, but I just realized I never shared my FIRST-EVER cosplay! Gomen nasai...

My first cosplay project was Akasuna no Sasori, of Naruto Shippuden fame. It actually wasn't very complicated. My boyfriend ordered the Akatsuki cloak from Ebay. I couldn't find a cheap Gaara or Sasori wig, so I went to my local costume shop and found a Columbia wig, from the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show. For pants, I just wore plain black capris. I couldn't find a way to make the sandals, so I simply wore black flipflops. Seeing as I'm a girl, I had to wear a shirt under my cloak. Looking back, I wish I'd made a couple of small puppets to have carried around. I also wish I'd found a way to make the shinobi shoes...Well, here are some pictures!
External Image
DDR's kind of hard in that cloak...

External Image

External Image
I was even able to do the black cowl! However, that one only works because it's a close-up. I did it in my room at college, after the debut of the Sasori costume. I used a black Halloween cape...

For my next project, I've completed a female Ranma Soutome (Ranma 1/2) costume. I'll be wearing it at A2F V, which is November 20-22. I've posted pictures on this World already. I've also completed a Rosiel costume (Angel Sanctuary)

If any of you Otakuites plan on coming to A2F V, PM me, and we'll see about meeting up. I'd love to meet some of you!

Well, stay classy, Otakuites, and happy playing!