Congratulations on making entry to Behind the Mixer, the main world of Ryu, the aspiring recording engineer.

Age: 19
Location: Illinois, near Kat and Carney, south of Schultzie.
Aliases: Tycho, g4me_h1ro, bloodyshnozz, DERP, ryu6fw
Vertical Status: Pretty up there
Most Associated Color: Brown
Occupation: Driving Pizzas/College Student
Time Consumers: Video Games, anime, racing canoes, music, being an anime club president, traveling
Money Consumers: Video Games, manga, traveling, collecting vinyl records, expanding selection of musical instruments, Pop-tarts and Mountain Dew, conventions

"You were probably the last person I'd expect to be a dumbass." -Katana
"That's OK, I'm not too attached to my beard, despite it being on my face." -Ryu
"Because he is the Tycho, that's why." -Hider

And I just realized...

...that not only did I win last month's caption battle, but am also THE STAR (don't argue with me) of the most recent caption. Just found that out like, minutes ago. Blew my mind.

Oh, L cosplay. I don't miss you one bit. Burn in hell. LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY BACK!!!

EDIT: And then I realized that that was actually last weeks thingy, and it has come to past. I am fail.


Suppose I oughtta...

"Do not remove a fly from your friend's forehead with a hatchet." was listed as a Chinese Proverb. I had to.

Hey all.

So I noticed that the post being nudged out of this page when this post goes up is dated the 21st of March. From last year. Hmmm, gee...really slowed down, haven't I? *goes back to look at what he last posted*

I guess I'll go in kinda random order. For the girl-I-like thing, I asked her out (on Valentines Day of all days. Nearly committed seppuku for such cliche-ness) and she said yes. Since then, we've been on one date, hung out a few times...and for the past three weeks, I haven't seen her at all. Really depressing and demoralizing. Every time I'd ask her out or meetup or anything, something would come up or she'd call it off at last minute. I've been giving her a lot of space 'cause I know she just got out of a bad relationship and is taking things slow (not even considered boyfriend/girlfriend yet, still in beta stage), but still...I'm kinda over sensitive about this since I'm so foreign to it, and a bit worried. So that's constantly been on my mind.

I haven't been watching too much anime lately, not sure why. As in, entire series. I've watched a bunch of episodes in club and a few movies (Summer Wars and Paprika are teh shet btw) but nothing in entirety. I plan to watch all of Bakuman and Pandora Hearts, but that's it so far.

A few weeks ago (damn, I think a month by now...) was Anime Milwaukee, which was a blast. Went there with Carney and our club mates Ryan and Sam, and met up with Schultzie. Debuted my Russia cosplay. That was actually a very hastily thrown together Paint it White! (the movie) version of Russia, since my coat for his standard outfit isn't done yet. So I'm glad that worked out well. I went as Dr. Insano the next day, but I was so tired that I wasn't even in character, which was a shame since Doug Walker was there. I went to his panel, and every now and then he'd look at me and yell "Insano!" and I'd be like "AHAHAHA-ok I'm done." Oh well. I met him again later that evening in the game room and played him a round in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where I totally RAPED him. He's like, the worst Fox player ever. Made me lol. Met Katana and her company briefly at lunch, and then never saw her again, lol. It was a pretty small con, so there wasn't a whole lot to do, but still a lot of fun. Carney and I are gonna head down to Anime St. Louis in less than a month, and two weeks before that is the convention at Kat's college. I've caught the con bug, and it is awesome.

Been playing massive amounts of Super Street Fighter IV. Originally played it just to troll as Bison, but now I main Guy. My fingers ache from combos.

Immediately following the disaster in Japan, I came up with the idea for Anime Club to do a charity thingymajiggy to send money to Red Cross. I ordered a shit ton of red rubber wristbands that say "Nippon Banzai!!" on the front and a heart with a Rising Sun inside of it on the back. I'll be receiving 500 of them. My goal is to send over $2,000 to Japan, so I'm pretty pumped for this.

My parents bizarrely are no longer getting divorced. I know I should be relieved, but I'm not optimistic enough to not believe that it's only a matter of time before the bomb blows up again. In any case, I really want to get away from both of them. Living with them has not been healthy for the past...many years, and I find myself constantly searching for opportunities to be self-sufficient.

Acen is sending out panel approval/denials this week, and I'm really anxious. I was told a while back that panelists get their badges free, and in my quest to forever save Anime Club money, decided to submit a panel. It's entitled "Emotion vs. Logic: Behind the Knightmare" and focuses on topics of morality in the series Code Geass. Some find this boring, some find this fascinating, some think it's gay, I don't really care, it's gonna be great. If I find out that it gets accepted, I'm going to be going into such a Code Geass frenzy, and I'll be bleeding Knightmare frames from my eyeballs. SUCH. DEVOTION. Unfortunately, a few of my friends have promised me that they'll come to my panel and troll the shit outta me. So that may or may not be fun. Who knows.

Um. There is so much more that's happened, (and I think I say that in every post) but there is no way that I'm gonna try to cover it all. This post is long enough, thank you. So, I'll leave with the club's new theme song. And dance. And everything.



Your Hard Times are Ahead

"A lifetime is more than sufficiently long for people to get what there is of it wrong."

Hey all.

Needless to say, the long overdue world change has fully happened. New wallpaper, new style, new intro, the works. I might adjust the wallpaper so it doesn't look so noobishly concealed and tiled, but that will be for a day of utmost boredom.

Anyway, time for a quick rundown of things going on:

-At ECC, taking mostly recording arts classes. So learning more about how sound travels, mics, things like that.

-Anime club is up and running, and I'm still the prez. Don't know how much I'm gonna keep that up; so much shit flies my way, especially recently. But every time I think about how nice it would be not being the president, I think about what would happen if I wasn't. And that's hardly ever pretty.

-Paddling season is well over, had a pretty uneventful year. No national champion stuff this year, just kinda paddled at low output. Though if I get into shape and find a willing partner, I might do the triple crown next year. But who knows.

-My computer is mostly dead, and can only perform basic functions. I had Starcraft 2 for a little bit (best game ever btw) but about a month after my processor decided to engulf in metaphorical flame. So my gaming is SEVERELY limited right now.

-Got a job at Macianos, an Italian restaurant/pizza place. I'm a driver there. Doesn't pay the best (2 bucks per delivery plus tip) but probably the easiest and laid back gig in the world. I mean, I drive around, which I enjoy, and listen to music, which I love. This SO beats working at Super Target ("It's 11 O'clock at night, and you want me to restock a cartful of MAKEUP?")

-Got an external hardrive (1TB) so I have no problem with downloading extreme amounts of anime anymore. I've also pretty much backed up all of my PC on here, so whenever I get my own desktop/laptop, I'm all set to go.

-My favorite local record store just went out of business, which means he had an overstock sale. 1 record=1 dollar. I bought 73 dollars worth. I'm all set on vinyl for a while. Which is a lie, 'cause I just bought Muse Absolution and Gorillaz Plastic Beach. NOW I'm set for a while.

Last few things, which are a bit heavier.

I've had an extreme limerence for someone for a very long time now. I don't see her very often, and our times together are short and with little meaning. I know very little about her, and highly doubt she has any similar feelings for me, yet every time my mind's eye views the future, she is there. I'm extremely shy when it comes to intimate relationships (I've only ever had one girlfriend, and it took MONTHS of us dancing around each other before we found out we liked each other) and as much as I want to tell her of my fondness, I'm even more afraid of rejection shattering the strand of hope of ever being around her again. I don't know what's to gain from posting all this here (let's face it: nobody here is a love expert by an means) but writing this out and getting feedback about it will relieve some emotional tension, I hope.

I've been under a lot of stress from the Anime Club, as stated before. I was about to write all about it, but just thinking about some of the assholery makes me wanna drip concrete into my eyes. So I'll just reiterate. Anime Club= lots of fun, but EXTREME UNNECESSARY STRESS RIGHT NOW.

A few weeks ago, I was met with some kinda "why-kill-me-slowly" news. My parents are getting divorced. For the past five or six years, I've been at odds with my parents, and became an asshole robot devoid of sympathy or consideration around them as punishment for becoming a pair of stumbling alcoholics. For the first time in years, I hugged my mom, and for the first time ever, cried with her, if even only for a few seconds.
I'm not really sure what this spells out for me in the future. We live on a horse farm, which can be ran only by those two together. If anybody else takes over or if one is left alone, it will fall pretty fast. Short term, things are still stable, but I imagine that if I don't get my own place or move to a dorm starting next summer, I'll be in for a rougher time than I'm in now.
However, there is some good news from all of this. The only reason why I didn't have a cat in the house was because of my Dad. Now, we don't give a fuck what he thinks. Sitting on my lap is a kitten we found in our barn one day. He's all black with just a speck of white at the end of his tail. Since my Mom has a bad track record of naming cats with terrible names (Pumpkin, Spooky, Mickey, Minnie [out of those four, one is still alive]) I took it upon myself to name him. Mom's criteria was 'it had to be cute, 'cause he's cute.' So, thinking of the cutest thing I know, I named him Kupos, which is just the moogle exclamation 'Kupo!' with an S. He's lazy as shit. Like, when I lie down on the couch and put him on my chest, he'll eventually start to slide off, and make no effort at all to save himself. He's pretty cool though.

Sorry about posting a bunch of mostly personal non-anime related stuff. If there's one thing I notice in most people's posts nowadays, it's almost never about anime anymore, which is a trend I don't intend to follow.

OMG ALMOST FORGOT. You all need to watch Marble Hornets. It's on youtube. Go. Now. It's quite honestly the scariest thing I have ever seen. Like, after 10 o clock at night every night since watching it, I'm scared shitless.

Anyway. I leave you with a song that's fitting on so many levels.


Youmacon 2010

Ok, gonna try and get this done as soon as possible before I get distracted and put it off indefinitely. And yes, the world name is different, a while ago I was gonna like, change the look of things, update my info, actually post n'stuff...b...

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Hello, Is there anybody in there?

"As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality."

Hey all.

So, I realize I haven't properly posted for quite some time. Months, in fact, all the way before spring break. No real reason other than I was too lazy to. A lot sure has happened since, so I'll do the major events in bullet form.

  • Went to Schultzie's on my way back down from paddling in Wisconsin, which was cool. Hung out, watched some Durarara!!, met his bro, and had a good time. Thanks again dude, for letting me swing by.
  • First race of the season went very well, and won a lot of money.
  • Went to Karoshi-con, which is the convention at Kat's college. That was pretty cool.
  • Acen, of course, happened, and that was super cool. Lloyd was tremondous fun to cosplay, I had a blast with a bunch of people, even though I was mostly sleep deprived. Can't wait for next year.
  • Did a big 70 mile race in New York with my paddling partner Gareth. Second time we've done this race, and for the second time, we completed it saying that we could have done so much better. Oh well, there's always next time...
  • ECC is over, and I'm looking for greener pastures.
  • Still no job, but at least I'm mowing now, so there's some income.
  • Reserved a room for Youmacon, and building a group to go. RYO NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO REDEEM YOURSELF.
  • And now, a more or less lazy summer...

I've been watching a lot of anime, especially to pass these dull days. I marathoned Kuroshitsuji, which I enjoyed, and Black Lagoon followed quickly after, which had the best English dub I've ever seen. I've been keeping up to date on Angel Beats, Durarara!! (over as of today D:) Ookiku Furikabutte Season 2(over as of next episode DD:) Hetalia World, and Heroman (which I'm actually rather behind on). Oh, and I zoomed through almost all available Metalocalypse in one day. And nows, I can'ts stops thinkings in a Toki/Pickles accent...

I also watched Toy Story 3 with my friend Max. That was really good. I didn't cry like most others (there was sure a lot of sniffling in my theater...) but there were some parts in the movie that made me a little emotional. Of course, this is the Tycho were talking about, so 'a little' is a bit of an exaggeration... >:D

Going back to the ECC thing, I'm currently waiting for a reply from Columbia College in Chicago. I don't think they'll get back to me in time, so I've started looking at other colleges. Particularly, Recording Arts conservatories. I was considering Full Sail for a little bit, but then I saw that it's in Florida...and I have reasons not to go to Florida anytime soon...
The one I'm most interested is actually in London, Ontario, which is about an hour and a half away from a certain princess we all know. The location was the last thing I noticed though, it actually looks like a really nice school (OIART, Ontario Institue of Audio Recording Technology, or something like that). I'd actually be set on paddling up there too, since that's where a guy named Bob Vincent lives, who is a notorious canoeing coach.

My record collection has skyrockted. I have almost 40 albums, and almost as many 45s. This is, of course, pathetic to any real record collector, but considering that I just started last August or so...that's a lot of music to obtain without pirating. And so much of it is so good. The last three albums I got were Nirvana Nevermind, Pink Floyd The Wall and Wish You Were Here. Those I got with an eBay giftcard. :D Some of the 45s I get are really cool finds, like this:

And I got a new amp! I play that a lot.
So now, I spend most of my lazy days playing games, watching anime, mowing, and paddling. Paddling is gonna start taking up a lot of time; this weekend I leave for Peshtigo, WI and the next for Arkansas for Aluminum Nationals. Week after I have a vacation in Michigan (which will be paddling AND sailing, see this video for awesomeness then the week after that will be back down in Arkansas for a 120 mile relay race.

I sure am leaving out a lot, but this will have to do. However, no post is complete without shameless advertising.