It's Impossible to Win

All I want to do is skype home so I can talk to my mom and see my two dogs and talk about my day and show my Obama Biden poster so we can laugh at it and plan out when I'm going to make my Team Magma pillow and maybe just maybe burst out crying at my screen because I don't even know why IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?


Because "Hey, I need some alone time right now so I can bawl my fucking eyes out" is not an acceptable reason to kick your roommate out of your room.

And I feel kinda selfish and everything, but you know what? I deserve a little! I do so much for her! I always turn off my music, I turn off the lights when she goes to bed, I let her keep the lights on when I go to bed, I put in headphones all the time...I DIDN'T SCREAM DURING THE SILENCE EPISODE OF DOCTOR WHO SO I WOULDN'T DISTURB HER/WEIRD HER OUT. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT WAS?! So I think I'm allowed to wish every once in a while, "Please leave, I need to be alone."

I feel like Doopliss. I'm seriously lacking Me Time, slick. And you know what happens when I lack Me Time. People start getting turned into pigs.

I can't tell whether or not this has made me feel better or worse...I just really want to go home...