An update from beyond the internet

*tap tap* I this thing on?

So, yeah. It's been over a year since my last post, and I don't really know who all is still around who'd be interested in this update, but I'll do it anyway for anyone who was wondering what I've got up to since then.

The biggest news by far is that I got married. I had been in an ongoing online relationship with fellow Otaku member Raina for several years, and then last summer she was able to come visit me for the first time. It was pretty obvious during her month-long stay that we wanted to remain together, so we got engaged and when she was able to come back at the end of the year, we planned the wedding. We were married on January 3. It was a bloody cold day, so I'm glad the ceremony was inside.

I'm very happy to be together with her. I had many long years without any kind of relationship before we got together. We look out for each other, have plenty of laughs together, and cook together regularly - my general diet has improved because of this, so that's good.

Raina is a bulldog when it comes to making sure my healthcare needs are met. This year hasn't been the greatest in terms of my health: I spent time in the hospital in February and April with pneumonia again, and currently I've got yet another bacterial infection in my lungs, forcing me to go back on long-term IV antibiotic infusion. I have a lot of doctors supposedly looking out for me, but there is always a terminal lack of communication between them, and Raina has proven to be a bulldog when it comes to dealing with these people.

We're slowly working on redecorating the house to suite our tastes. We live in my grandparents' house, across the street from my parents, and most of the furniture and color choices are definitely "grandma" in tone. I'm hoping that within a few years we can have the place fully transformed the way we'd like to have it.

We also have a small menagerie right now. Besides my cat Pond, there are fish (collectively known as the Floyds), originally purchased to be part of the table setting at the wedding; a snail named Speedy; as well as a hamster named Stormageddon (a Valentine gift from me to Raina).

So that's where life is currently at. If any other significant changes take place, I might pop back on here again for more updates.