sense noone is into this world.

Sense noone is into this world, i'll just use it as a place to post my Stories im working on.

First story

Untitled Stories

Sitting in a regular classroom, drawing and writing is Daniel Heintz.

He is supposed to be doing calculations for his Pharmacy tech. class, but instead, he draws and writes.

He is sitting in the far back left seat of the small classroom, the bell rings and the other students leave.

He drifts away into the fantasy tale of himself. The untitled Story he is writing.

Out of the corner of his eye he sees a small yellow light. A light that should not be there.

The next thing he knows, Dan is no longer in the small classroom He now is in a large dark classroom with an old feel to it, it is dark outside of the window that is to Dan's left.

When his senses fully returned to him, he hears what sounds like a teacher speaking and a girl answering. Dan looks up and sees a woman standing in front of a black board and then looks around and sees that the dark classroom is full of students.

Dan looks over to the direction in which he heard a girl's vioce. He sees a beautiful young girl that looks like a teenage version of his girlfriend but with dark purple hair. "Alex!" he caught himself before he yelled his girlfriend's name. The teacher noticed him tweaking in his chair.

"Dan, do you want to say something about human history today?" the teacher asked.

"What?!? Oh no ma'am" Dan replied in shock as the rest of the class looked at him with sespension.

"What the heck!?! Is that a teenage purple haired Alex? And how did the teacher know me? And what did she mean by HUMAN history?" Dan thought to himself.

Dan looked down at his hands; "They look the same."

The bell rang and the class left for break between periods.

"You coming Dan?" the purple haired girl asked. "Uh... ya." Dan said. As they walked out of the room, the girl kept looking ay him with concern.

"What?" Dan asked her as they came to the stairs.
"You ok? you look a bit off."
"I'm fine" Dan lied "We going to lunch right?"
"Ha! no, There is something wrong, we are going to gym class." The girl said as she took his hand and lead him down the stairs and hallways.

Dan stopped and pulled back his hand and looked at the floor. The girl stopped and looked back with a worried look apon her face.

Dan began to talk to her but at the floor.

"I don't know what happened or who anyone is including myself. You remind me of my girlfriend when she was a teenager but with purple hair. Last time I checked we both were twenty years old, not fifteen or sixteen. Am i not on earth anymore? Did I fall through a dimensional rift or something? Are you a dream version of my Alex?"

Dan paused and looked up to see the girl shaking and tearing up.

"oh! I'm sorry, I didnt mean to be like that! you ok?" Dan asked as he ran up to the girl and hugged her instinictively.

"Are you serious? You are a different, older dan ten the one I know?" the girl asked as sniffled up the last of her tears and pushed Dan back so she could see him.

"So your twenty years old and from a different dimension, huh?" the girl asked.

Um... I guess so. So you are a version of my Alex?" dan asked as he gestured for the girl to lead the way to gym class.

"Well I guess so, my name is Alex and the Dan I knew, the one who's body your in, is my boyfriend."

"But my hands and body look like my twenty year old self." Dan responded

Alex said, "And what about me? I look like the twenty year old Alex from your dimension right?"

Dan chuckled, "Well yes but with purple hair instead of dark brown; even though she didnt really change after fourteen."

"HaHa" The new Alex luaghed "That makes sense, I'm sixteen and haven't seen any change physically sense fourteen."

As they turned a corner, Dan saw a reflection in a morrior on a wall.

"Is that what your Dan looks like?!?"

Alex giggled and walked behind Dan.
Peering around him, she said "yep. the bright blonde hair and red eyes and all." She said this as a grin started to spread across her face.

"You mean you dont originally have red eyes?" Alex asked after she saw a look of shock on Dan's face.

"No usually they are blue and are you sure your Dan is only 16?" Dan asked
"yep, in human years we are both siwteen" Alex replied.

Dan fell silent, as the late bell rang. Dan and Alex ran into the locker room and

.... to be continued...


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