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Supercell - Black Rock shooter

Finally posting about this song here. I don't know why I haven't earlier, but here it is, the famous theme song of the Black Rock shooter, originally composed by Supercell group and sung by Hatsune Miku. It was created by the inspiration of the illustration done by Huke.

This is also the ending song of both OVA and anime series and it goes quite well with these I must say.
~ Enjoy!^^

Triple Baka

Another Hatsune Miku song, which is now my favorite.
This is the Japanese version. (There are a few)

The English Version (Can't STAND this one)

The Male Version

There are many other spoof versions of it, but these are the real deal.


Again, as I usually do that lately, I will be posting something else rather than a vocaloid video... but it is similar in a way. XD
In Lucky Star, always at the end there is a funny song scene with Lucky Star characters (or the director, no matter how funny that sounds) singing a famous anime song, but in their version. This is one of the more known. Enjoy~!^^

I love this o_e.

Sorry I've been lazy posting here ;A;! (The holidays have me busy.) Came across such a catchy song I had to post -w-~ ...

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Tiny Japanese girl

This is not really a vocaloid, but it is based on electric music and has a similar theme so I wanted to share it with you. It is also a quite nice and catchy song.^^

~ Enjoy!