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The Shark House - Chapter 27 - Glow Up

Hellcat had left the Eden Dome after 28 days, scar fully healed but her body decided to do some extra growing as her figure almost matched her mothers.
Hellcat still had some tests to do and some fitness to rebuild after four weeks of relaxing, and since nothing fits her anymore, she needed an entirely new wardrobe as well.
The attention Hellcat was getting when she returned was too much for the racer to bear.
"How do you do this mom? How do you cope with this figure?" Hellcat bashing her head on the diner table.
"I had a good teacher when I joined the Highways and levelled up to Emperor rank, she told me to create my own brand image, so I became known as Black Velvet. Right now you're Queen Rank and pretty much everyone knows you as just a fast pizza delivery girl, so I think it's time for Hellcat to really debut" Mom was enthusiastic, Hellcat just thought "I won't complain, it's the happiest I've seen Mom in years" Hellcat took out a drawing and pointed to the tattoo parlour as the starting point.
The next night over at the midnight coffee shop, Dave Dreamer was sat depressed head on the table, he was joined by his girlfriend Alice, Luke, Giro and Popuri.
"Why is my boyfriend depressed?" Alice asked Luke while poking Dave.
"Hellcat comes back today, that means her milf mother isn't running the team anymore" Luke being remarkably honest with Alice.
"I also hit a fox on the way here, why is Hellcat my manager now? I out rank her, I'm a King rank, she's only a Queen rank" Dave complained.
"How did you even join Chaos Engine to begin with?" Alice speaking with a Basil Brush sock puppet. Giro and Luke just sighed in unison.
"I'll explain this one, ten years ago, he started Highway racing to chase after a legendary milf driver named Black Velvet, the only problem is, Dave was a pawn rank with no team whereas Black Velvet is an Emperor rank and the leader of Chaos Engine, Dave got his ass kicked but Black Velvet has a bad habit of picking up drivers out of pity for her team" Giro shows a picture of Black Velvet from a news article, Alice then looks at her boobs feeling depressed.
"Hellcat will be a great leader for Chaos Engine, she's really beautiful and inspiring" Popuri being very benevolent.
"Are we talking about the same Hellcat? She's the least feminine girl I've ever met, she keeps stealing my cars, she's bad tempered and keeps making fun of me and I don't care what the rumours say Hellcat's boobs are absolutely humongous!" Dave turned round while finishing that sentence to find an enraged Hellcat.
The next scene has been censored for extreme violence.
"That's quite the glow up Hellcat, looks like you even found an extra D" Luke gives Hellcat a fist bump.
Alice was poking Dave's beaten up body with the sock puppet, "is he dead?"
"It's what he gets for missing today's team meeting" Hellcat sits down still being pissed off.
Hellcat's new look consisted of a skin tight racing suit with a jacket that actually fits her now, she was now noticeably taller than Popuri who is 5ft 9in, her tied back hair had red highlights and for the first time in her life, Hellcat was wearing make-up, but the biggest change of all was that she now has a rose tattoo where her scar used to be.
"There's someone else here I need to thank" Hellcat walks over to Barry and kisses him on the cheek, the Police officer blushed "look after yourself Hellcat, that's all the thanks I need" Barry felt like a hero for the first time in years.
"You two are dating?" Luke enquired. Alice was also curious.
"Nah, Barry's type is big titty goth girls or super edgy girls like in his crappy Vampire film, I'm already dating someone else" Hellcat said too much.
"You can't break out of this one now, fess up Hellcat" Luke leading the interrogation.
Hellcat blushed heavily, rather than speak she showed a picture on her phone, Alice breathed a sigh of relief while the others were genuinely happy.

The Shark House - Chapter 26 - Reflections

How long have I been here now? All I seem to do in Eden is just float in spa waters, would be nice if they left a book or even a games console, or a bikini even, but I guess this is the part that refers to getting rid of my security blanket.
"Where did this security blanket come from"
The oversized pizza jacket? It was my Dad's, he delivered pizzas to fund his medical school fees, my mother went through the same body anxiety I did so she often wore it to feel safe; when I was old enough to work, Dads's old boss Luigi gave me the same pizza gig to pay for my own mechanic school fees, covid forced me into Shark House but my bestie Alex asked me to live with her after she got her bartender licence.
"Do you like anyone special?"
I never really thought about that, despite how aggressive my puberty was, that desire for lust never really happened, I'm traditionally a tomboy which is natural among three older brothers, I usually get invited to bowling with Slippy Squad, and despite how much the cheerleaders wanted me dead, I had no feelings for any of the Football team in High School, I don't really crush on anyone in Chaos Engine, I know Mom treats Dave Dreamer like an extra son, so I treat him like a sibling; so am I gay? Alex makes no secret of how much she loves me but I'm not into that either, Mom always told me that for people in our family, our heart only flutters for one person, one thing I did notice recently, in front of Steve, I didn't put my jacket on once, why? Is it because he's a doctor? Even when I got my shoulder treated I had to be sedated to get it removed, so what makes him different? Maybe it's because he's the first doctor to actually give me a helpful solution to my problems.
"How did you even hurt your shoulder?"
I wasn't kidding when I said that the cheerleaders wanted me dead, Britney Lincoln tried to murder me, my best friend, the auto club and any football player that dared to betray her by talking to me, I've heard every insult under the sun, my favourite one is "those tits are illegal", thankfully for my school, she went after me and Alex first, I got shot in the left shoulder protecting Alex, then Popuri stopped Britney from finishing me off, burned into my memory was the look in Popuri's eyes, she stopped Britney by breaking her wrist to disarm her holding her in submission until she was arrested by police. Before that day, I had never even spoken to Popuri, to our school, she was the star athlete and was off limits to pretty much everyone, she was the only girl in our school taller than me, yet she stepped in to save me and Alex from a psychopath, Popuri has been my friend ever since and someone I look up to for inspiration as she's the only person I've ever met who knows what her end goal is and tries so hard not to be influenced into changing her path, even if it pains me to watch her work too hard some times.
"What's life like in Chaos Engine?"
I joined about five years ago, I had a struggle to get started as my shoulder was in rough shape still after multiple operations just so I wouldn't lose my arm, it didn't help that I'm left handed, just fixing a wheel would open the scar again.
I earned the name Hellcat because of how frequently I act like a grumpy cat slashing people trying to pet me, I made it even more obvious when I wore my jacket not to hide my breasts but to hide my horrible scar, my triple Ds are the worst kept secret on the Highways, but only the Emperor ranked drivers knew of my shoulder injury, in fact Warhammer sent me back to hospital because of it saying I'm too weak for the Highways.
As for Chaos Engine itself, my brother Joel was in charge when I joined and still is up until this year, then it'll be my turn; all our mechanics, juniors and yes, even Dave are all supportive.
"What's your family like?"
My grandfather, the head of the family was tough on all of us, in the Helkin family, we all had to learn four skills, cooking, sewing, crafting and fishing, fishing is my favourite past time next to driving so I never resented learning them and he always remembered to love us, he's 90 this year and built like a body builder still.
My parents were school sweethearts much to the anger of every jock in the world, my mother is 6ft, voluptuous and likes black leather, my dad is barely male average height, overweight and very much a bookworm, and my mother will always defend my father's honour.
My brothers are very supportive, mom would never allow them to become meatheads especially when all three of them are built with as much muscle as grandpa.
Even when my teenage angst was at it's worst, she never gave up on me, even when I wanted to give up.
"So what are you so afraid of?"
I was afraid to grow up, and I saw alot of those fears about it confirmed leading up to my 20s, there's still a long way to go, but being isolated from the world and alone with my thoughts, I have a new appreciation for those who support me, the best way I can thank them is to set myself free.
"Shit, that alarm is loud! Was that really 28 days? When did this spa robe...get...so...small....."
Hellcat's reflection no longer showed a scar but pale untouched healed skin along with an extra surprise.

The Shark House - Chapter 25 - One Step To Eden

Hellcat had enough of being held back by her past, she called Steve at Rainbow Saints to setup the Eden Bio-Dome, dressed in nothing but a spa robe and a bracelet to check her vital functions, she made the slow walk down to the dome entrance remembering how it came to this in the first place.
"You've been making progress but relapses have become common, it seems there's more to your complex mental state than just the scar, this seems drastic and your mother in particular agrees with me on this, we're going to try Eden" Steve analysed.
Hellcat with her mother and father, nervous about the next step.
"Doctor, please explain Eden to us" Hellcat's mother asked.
"It's a Bio-Dome designed like a natural spa resort, Zoe will go in alone, there's plenty of food, plenty of pools and full facilities including a comfy bed, her only clothing will be the spa robes, with how fragile her mental state is, she'll be staying for 28 days, once she enters Eden, she won't be let out until the 28 days are over or in the event of an emergency, the bracelet we provide will keep all your vital functions checked" Steve trying to stay professional.
"Four medical doctors will be monitoring your vital signs 24/7 one of these doctors will be your father, that should give you peace of mind" Steve passes over a chart to sign.
Back to the present, Hellcat had arrived at the entrance to the Bio-Dome.
"Where are my brothers?" Hellcat asked.
"Joel and the others are building a car for you, mom will run the team during that time" Hellcat's father reassuring his daughter.
Hellcat just laughed, "that'll make the team happy, Mom is a legend in Chaos Engine"
With a strained smile Hellcat entered the Bio-Dome, as the door locked behind her, she was greeted by an environment of sheer paradise, she could immediately see why this was called Eden.
Hellcat wasn't the only one training.
Razzmatazz having had the crap beaten out of him by Rob numerous times was building up his strength for the next part of the tournament in March.
Dawn was training with Sam at the axe throwing range to better control her rage with some extras thrown in.
Dave started dating Alice.
As for Popuri, after defeating Shizuka she joined her company, a job with nothing to bother her for the whole of February was just what the part timer wanted.
"It's going to be quiet for a bit" Giro finishes cleaning Luke's glass.
"With those women playing bridge, Quint and Barry watching sport and Freddy being the usual troll, Shark House doesn't change" Luke pays the bill and leaves.
"I think you'll find that Shark House has already changed" Giro smiles with an evil grin.

The Shark House - Chapter 24 - The Balance of the Highway

Hellcat was enduring an epic clash against Kara Shindo, the Japanese drift champion making things very difficult for her as she searches for a way past, Kara noticing how much better she was performing wouldn't give an inch.
"I'm glad I chose the Mazda, Kara is so difficult to pass" Hellcat threw her car around several corners but couldn't find an opening.
Kara, very stoic, doesn't give any weaknesses to anyone, it's any wonder she's an emperor.
Their duel was coming to an end when Hellcat nailed an outside drift on Kara winning by only inches, Hellcat was glad to win but felt that Kara was holding back.
Kara indicated to go to the car park as she wanted to talk.
After grabbing a coke the two met, Hellcat demanded some answers.
"What gives Dragon Lady? Am I not good enough to go all out against?" Hellcat looking pissed off.
Kara just snatches Hellcat's jacket off her then feels around her scarred shoulder, Hellcat was surprised not to feel pain.
"You've changed, whatever you've been doing, you are clearly better now, is this because of Joel leaving or are you done running?" Says Kara in an intimidating yet sexy voice.
Hellcat just blushes as she puts her jacket back on, "you still haven't answered me?"
"I do not care for a tournament arranged by a childish gamer, but if you need a reason, the balance of the Highway is at risk" Kara getting to the point.
"I'm not good enough to be ranked Emperor so why is it my problem?" Hellcat asked.
"Lisa is a traitor and Dave Dreamer just defeated one of my teammates with an unusual electric car" Kara showing the social media post.
Hellcat looked pissed off looking at the footage.
"I have no proof of Lisa being a traitor, her car taste is suspicious, so it's likely she's being funded from the outside, we both know that's not illegal, as for Dave Dreamer, he's doing advertisement for that toy store in Gracies, also not illegal" Hellcat demanding more proof.
"We suspect that Dave Dreamer is in possession of a car that never needs refuelling or recharging, as for Lisa we suspect that the Ramirez syndicate is funding her" Kara finishes her drink while Hellcat crushed her can.
"That car was built by a toy maker, you really think that Alice McCoy is that good of an engineer to create the first fuel less car? Knowing Dave he'll get bored of that car after a week and pack it away like the thirty other cars he owns! Lisa, I'll leave it up to the tournament to sort out, if she gets knocked out by an Emperor she'll be exposed, failing that, I'll deal with her myself" couldn't tell who Hellcat is more pissed off at.
Kara finished her cigarette "I'll try and keep the other Emperors calm, especially Warhammer, but time is short, if you don't deal with this, a civil war will start, and it'll be bloody" Kara leaves Hellcat at the carpark.
Hellcat got back into her own car, she winced when she felt her scar open again, she looked over a few phone numbers and clicked on Steve.
"Steve, I'm ready for that treatment"

The Shark House - Chapter 23 - The Majorette On Roller Skates

Bayside's history can be traced back to the roaring 20s, in order to avoid prohibition laws a number of gangs used the settlement on the border of Canada on the east coast to smuggle alcohol into the United States, as prohibition ended, a number of engineering companies agreed to collaborate on building secret factories to research and produce prototype cars and aircraft, this would later become a secret airbase during World War Two as both American and Canadian forces agreed to collaborate to stop Nazi invasion in the event of France and the United Kingdom falling; after the war, Bayside was given autonomous status as neither Canada nor America wanted to fund it post war, so Bayside's mayor decided to turn most of the factory land into a giant department store, calling it Gracies after the mayor's daughter Gracia.
Gracies was roughly the size of a modern day market town of approximately 25,000 acres covering most of the main town centre.
For people shopping like Dave, it can take up to half an hour between parking and actually shopping, probably why Dave prefers shopping on the highway loop as each of the eight major stops has a supermarket on it.
Upon arriving at the toy store, Dave was greeted on either side by two large statues of nutcracker soldiers, each of the staff wearing a marching band uniform creating a unique environment that could pass for a traditional children's film; intimidated by the sheer scale of the store, Dave didn't know where to start to find a gift for Joel's new arrival.
The noise of the children was silenced by the loud sound of roller skates approaching Dave, out of the shadows of the plush toy area arrived a girl, dressed in a more elaborate version of the marching band uniform, with long twin tail blonde hair and large circular frame glasses, she was humming a popular children's song.
"I see someone who is lost, I am the manager Alice" She says launching paper streamers from her baton, the spectacle seemed lost on Dave but the children were genuinely happy to see Alice.
"Umm, I need a gift for my bosses new born" Dave sounding clueless in the excitement.
Alice snapped her fingers and a curtain pulled up around her and in a couple of seconds she was wearing Safari Gear.
"Come with me to the forest of bears" Alice threw Dave a foam dart gun and pulled Dave into the plush toys department.
Dave was a little bewildered by everything going on, especially when he could see many of the teddy bear displays turning around and staring with glowing eyes.
This triggered a memory in Dave in how he earned the nickname Dave Dreamer; as a child, Dave would turn the most mundane of normal situations into an adventure, a walk to school felt like a journey to Mordor, a simple trip to the supermarket felt like capturing monsters and a simple game of soccer felt like powered beings in a battle arena; the last fragments of this personality continues in his highway racing career, his garage alone has been compared to an extremely expensive Hot Wheels collection; to meet a girl similar to his age and still have that kind of imagination felt surreal, his more cynical side thought that this Alice girl was just being ultra professional, but if that were true, why put on this act for an adult?
"Head down, I've found the target, prepare the dart gun" Alice arrived at a display of colourful Teddies and looked for a good one, Dave aimed at a multi coloured patchwork bear and fired the foam dart gun.
"Good choice, it's a best seller" Alice threw Dave the teddy bear.
Dave was greeted by Alice's pretty smile, the silence should've felt awkward, yet it felt like time froze for a few minutes and both were checking each other out.
"Hey you're Dave Dreamer right? Can you help me drum up some business? You get a free car out of it" Alice asked innocently.
Dave wondered if there was a catch but Alice just said it's simple advertisement.
Later that evening.
"Dave, what in the hell is this crap!?" Hellcat wondered as Dave turned up in what looked like a life sized Hot Wheels car.
"An electric car as well, did Alice really build this?" Joel sceptical that a toy maker could build a car.
"I know it looks silly but it was free and it drives well for an electric car, other drivers have taken advertising to fund cars, it's not unique" Dave trying to defend the car.
"If I stay here any longer I'm going to die of cringe" Hellcat took off to face her third round opponent Kara Shindo.
"This Highway really isn't built for electric cars so avoid battles and just use.....whatever your car of the week is, free or not, this car will give you more debt in the long run" Joel put his jacket back on and left.
Dave's day felt surreal but not unpleasant as he stared at Alice's phone number on her business card.