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Hello everyone and welcome to my world dedicated to videogames and my videogame collection.

I hope that with this World i can express and share my fandom about games with pics and posts about games ive played, hope to play, and games of the future. I also hope to use this world to showcase my Videogame collection and share with others the years and dedication towards gaming i have been accustomed to ^^

The Mother Load

Hello everyone,

I've been meaning to put up this post for a couple of months, but i've been a bit lazy so it has taken a while lol.

To start things off - A few months ago a guy i work with was telling me that someone broke into the storage building behind his house and had stolen alot of stuff. He said that they stole pretty much all of his older videogame systems (Dreamcast, NES, SNES), Luckily he had put all of his Playstation and Dreamcast games in a CD binder, and he was wondering if anyone would buy them from him. After talking for a little bit i decided i would buy them from him since i had plenty of money, and it would be a good way to get alot of games i dont have all at one time. i offered him 100$ for the whole binder and he accepted, so a few days later he brought them to work and we transferred the games into a CD binder i had bought.

I got alot of good games from him, some Dreamcast games and some Playstation (PS1) games. They were all in perfect condition and 90% of them even had their instruction manuals, which was pretty awesome.

Earlier today i put each game/manual into it's own cd case so i can put them on my shelves, and i took some pics to i could post them here on this world :)

Here are the pics :)

[URL=http://s94.photobucket.com/user/Yamcha8/media/2013-07-07_090259.jpg.html]External Image

Toy Commander
Resident Evil Code Veronica X
Test Drive 5
101 Dalmations
Jet Grind Radio
Dead or Alive 2
Soul Calibur
Namco Museum
Dreamcast Browser disc

[URL=http://s94.photobucket.com/user/Yamcha8/media/2013-07-07_090543.jpg.html]External Image
PS1 Games

Guilty Gear
Sim Theme Park
Twisted Metal 2
Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Resident Evil 2
WCW vs. The World
Aliens Trilogy
Zero Divide
Knockout Kings 2000
Resurrection :Rise 2
Resident Evil
Oddworld Abe's Odysse
Hot Shots Golf 2
Tekken 3
Nightmare Creatures
Destruction Derby
Tekken 2
Rampage World Tour
Bushido Blade 2
Street Fighter Alpha
Legacy of Kain
Soul Blade
Final Fantasy 7

They are some pretty cool games, and i'll probably try out the resident Evil games sometime today when i get the chance lol.

Well i guess that will be all for today, but i plan on posting more game stuff up as soon as i can :)

stay strong,


Earthbound, Super Mario World, etc.

Hello everyone,

Recently i've been playing alot of Super Nintendo games on my laptop, and i just wanted to post about them so you all can check them out if you havent played them before :)

Here is a list of some of the games -


I just started playing this game this morning and it has been pretty fun so far. Now that i know how fun it is, i plan on buying the actual game at Game Exchange sometime in the next couple of days. It's pretty advanced for a super Nintendo game and i certainly recommend it if you are fans of RPG's :)

Super Mario World

I have beaten this game before, but since i take my laptop to work, i usually play games while im on lunch. The first couple of days i played Super Mario World, but now that other people have seen me playing Super Nintendo games on my laptop, they have been wanting to play too lol. So now i have an Xbox 360 controller, and a Playstation 3 controller hooked up to my laptop so that 2 people can play games lol. I started over on this game and so far im at castle #4. I'll try to get some screenshots up sometime this weekend :)

WWF Monday Night RAW

I also own this game, but i downloaded it on my laptop so i could show some people at work how fun it is lol. It's also 4 player co-op, which is really cool.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Turtles in Time

This is another cool multiplayer game that i also own, but still downloaded to play at work. last thursday a fellow co-worker and i beat the game in a little over 27 minutes, and it was still as fun as ever lol.

I'll post up some more random games as i play them, im also hoping to make some videos and stuff like that as well :)

stay strong,


Modded Legend of Zelda NES System

Hello everyone,

Lately i've been following alot of videogame system mods online, and i thought i'd post some videos up here so you can check them out :)

Ive sent a message to the guy that does these modifications and repaints, so hopefully i can have one of my NES systems modded sometime soon :)

Hope you all enjoy

stay strong,


Japanese Dreamcast Games

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since i last posted here, and just recently i came across some new Videogame Revelations, so i thought i'd post some new stuff up here from this weekend :)

A couple of weeks ago i went to a local game store and i was surprised to see that they had some more Dreamcast Import games (Japanese). They were only 95 cents each, so i bought all 3 of them and then came home to search online for a way to play them on my U.S. Dreamcast.

After some searching, i ended up ordering an Import Enabler cd, but i still was impatient, so i decided to download one of the boot discs from a site i found and burn it to a cd.

After 5 hours of downloading, it finally finished. I burned it onto a disc and then put the disc in my Dreamcast and it worked perfectly. I switched out the disc with one of my japanese games and it loaded just like any other game lol.

Here is a pic of my japanese Dreamcast games :)

External Image
AJPW Wrestling 3
AJPW Wrestling 2
NJPW Toukon Retsuden 4
Climax Landers
Power Stone 2

If you are searching for a disc like this, here is a video you can check out :)

Hope you all enjoy :)

Fighting Game Frenzy

Hello Everyone,

I wasnt really sure what to post about today, but last night i took more pics while i was playing some games and so i thought i'd post up the pics with a little info :)

Yesterday i pretty much spent all day playing original Xbox games and the game i played the most was Halo 2.

I've beaten Halo 2 multiple times on my original Xbox system, but i dont have a completed game save on my Xbox360, so i figured it would be fun to go through it again. To be honest, Halo 2 is even more fun on 360 because there isnt any graphic pixelation like there is on the original xbox. I took quite a few pics while playing Halo 2 yesterday though, and i may post them up on one of my other worlds, because i wanted to post some pics i took from the fighting games i played :)

Well, yesterday evening i took the time to play a couple of the fighting games i have for xbox, and the games i chose were

Capcom Fighting Evolution (xbox)
Capcom VS. SNK 2 EO (xbox)
Capcom VS. Marvel 2 (xbox)

Here are the pics i took :)

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Capcom Fighting Evolution

Most people will tell you that this is a pretty simple game and that there is nothing extraordinary about it, and to be honest - They are basically right. It is still a fun game though - It has a small collection of fighters from a few Capcom universes such as -

Street Fighter 2
Street Fighter Alpha
Red Earth
Street Fighter 3rd Strike

The basis of the gameplay is 2 vs. 2, which is pretty fun and i had a good time playing and beating it yesterday. I unlocked a new character (Pyron) and some other stuff as well. i plan on playing it a bit more before the day is over lol.

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Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

I played and beat this game pretty early this morning. A while back when i bought it i couldnt really get into it much, but this morning i got the urge to play it after i had beaten Capcom Fighting Evolution and i thought id give it a go. I had some trouble at first, but i finally beat it using


Once i had beaten it, i took the points i earned and went to unlock a few characters and some artwork and alternate colors for some characters, then i decided to go through the game again. The 2nd time went alot faster and after i beat it the 2nd time, i went back to the shop and Ken was there waiting for me to unlock lol. I still have a few more characters to unlock and im sure i'll be doing that as the days go by :) Its a fun game, and ive adjusted to the 3 vs. 3 fighting layout :)

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Capcom Vs. SNK 2 EO

This is probably my favorite fighting game that i own, simply because it has the best characters that the Capcom and SNK Universes have to offer. The gameplay has a wide range and variety for any type of players, whether it's beginners or "Hardcore" veterans of the fighting game genre. Some people may say that it is a crappy port, or that it is easily accessible by non-hardcore fighting gamers which makes it an embarassment to hardcore gamers of the fighting genre, but i highly disagree. If a person considers themself a hardcore gamer of the fighting genre, then they should be able to adapt to whoever they play against, regardless of which "ism" their opponent uses. And just because it has wide variety of styles and "isms", it doesnt mean that it is a crappy port.

In my opinion it is an awesome game that is fun and challenging at the same time, with a wide array of characters and options to allow any level of gamer have a great time :)

i basically just played training mode yesterday using Ken, since ive already beaten the game a few times lol.

Well, i suppose that will be all for today, i just wanted to post up some pics and let you all know what ive been doing :) i hope to chat with you all soon :)

stay strong,