Ciao everyone! Feliciana Vargas here! But people call me Ciana.. ^^ Here will be all the things that I think about the anime Hetalia! If you don't know what that is, One, look it up.... And two, why are you here? -not trying to be mean- Ok! *Ahem* Ok... I will repeat. This is where I put down my thoughts or what I'm thinking about in Hetalia.. For example, Hetalia Season 5!! OMG!! -spasm- ((That came out months ago... =____=))Sorry admin... ((Whatever..)) Ok Grazie!~

The Bad Touch Trio

Those three men have always been mistaken as "Perverted people."

Spain: Yes he love children, but that doesn't mean he is a Pedophile. I love children but i never get that comment. That's because I'm a girl... He "loves" Romano because he is a child. Spain wants to just protect the ones he love, not use him in an "unproper(?)" way.

Prussia: People are just crazy, calling Prussia a pervert. -Is a Prussia fan- Remember when Hungary's shirt came open, Prussia gave her his jacket, not a "crotch cloth."I don't understand those kind of people thinking he would do things like that. First of all, It's a show and i don't think it would show things to children...

France: It's true that France is a pervert and he says many inappropiate things, but that doesn't make him a rapist. He is a proper kind of person. He wouldn't just go up to people and do "things" to them. Especially with England around, he would never do anything.

I just wanted to express my feelings about how the fandom is just going to far...