ItaPan: Three Words

Fem!Italy x Japan.. yes yes, Im weird.. Always Fem!Italy... Don't judge, I'm awesome... o3o ))

Summery: Feliciana was lost on her way around the town she moved into. She stops by a cafe and sat down only to be sad by being up around town with no directions to get there. But when a certain Japanese comes to help her out, will she feels something she has never felt before or will it all stay the same?


A girl with light brown hair, pulled up in a bun, sighed, putting her bags out in front of her. The girl named Feliciana Vargas looks down the street, hoping to have found her new apartment for her to live in temporarily. She just started her own business as a cafe boss. (Idk jobs.. They're hard...) She opened a new business as a cafe owner. (Better..) She continues to look around and still, no sign of her home. Weird thing is, she actually came just last week to look around her apartment, but now, she completely forgot. She tends to space out a lot, so she can't be able to remember the right directions to get there.

"Ok. If I remember correctly, I turn... Left? No. Right.. " She sighs a third time and continues walking.

It was already getting dark out and she still hasn't eaten anything yet. She stops at a cafe when her stomach begins to growl at her. She frowns a bit and looked up, miraculously finding a cafe right in front of her. 'Thank God...' She smiles a bit and entered in.

The cafe isn't very big, but it wasn't small either. Just average. She sets her stuff on her seat and sat down near them. She sat alone in the almost far back. A waitress came up to her and began to take her order. Feliciana had ordered a cup of Tea with a sandwich to the side. As the waitress left, she began to observe the cafe.

The cafe, as I said, wasn't big, but it wasn't small either. There were a few round tables here and there and somewhere near them would be a rectangular table sitting nearby. It's like a cafe filled with beautiful shapes and colors. The walls were painted black and white, with a hint of other colors like red, blue, purple, and green. There weren't many people as well. There were a lot, but not too many.

As she was admiring the creativity of the cafe, she didn't notice a Japanaese man come up to her. It took her a while until she actually noticed the man. "I'm sorry. But can you please repeat?" Feliciana said, thinking that the man had asked something.

He nodded, "Hai. I was asking if you don't mind if I sit here. All the other seats in the back were taken, and I noticed you all alone." For some odd reason, she felt her cheeks brush up to a light red color. She shook it off and nodded, "Si. You can sit here," She smiled at him.

He thanked Feliciana and sat down, "Arigato. My name is Kiku Honda. And yours?"

"I am Feliciana Vargas and I'm new into town," She replied, realizing soon after that she had been staring.

Thankfully, Kiku hadn't noticed, "You're new here? I just moved in last week. I'll be glad to show you around." She could've sworn that she saw a faint blush on him. She wasn't so sure. She shook her head and waited until her order is made.

"What brings you to this cafe? I usually come here every day..," Kiku asked.

"I was looking for my apartment, but got lost in the end. The, I oh so happened to end up here. I'm glad I came here too. I would've never ate today.


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