ItaPan: Three Words 2

Recap: "I am Feliciana Vargas and I'm new into town," She replied, realizing soon after that she had been staring.

Thankfully, Kiku hadn't noticed, "You're new here? I just moved in last week. I'll be glad to show you around." She could've sworn that she saw a faint blush on him. She wasn't so sure. She shook her head and waited until her order is made.

"What brings you to this cafe? I usually come here every day..," Kiku asked.

"I was looking for my apartment, but got lost in the end. The, I oh so happened to end up here. I'm glad I came here too. I would've never ate today.

That's right. Ever since she came to the new town, which was this early morning, she hadn't eaten anything since then. Once said, her stomach growled loud enough for everyone (who was near them) to hear. She blushed a bright red and almost hid her face in the menu she had. Kiku let of a small chuckle, only to make her blush a little more. "I haven't eaten since this morning..," she looks up from the menu.

Kiku nodded, "Well, as I said, I'll be glad to show you around town. And we can have a decent dinner than Cafe food." He doesn't really realized on to what he said before shaking his head and waves his hands around, "I mean, If you want, I can invite you over for dinner?" He made an awkward face, almost saying that he dumbfounded on what he said.

Feliciana laughed lightly, "You're funny Kiku! And Si, I'd like to have dinner with you!" She smiles at him.

She has been flirted with a lot of guys, that she doesn't really know on what love really is. She doesn't realize it yet that she may have a small crush on him. Though, she did feel something in her chest speed up. Was it the tea she ordered? Or maybe excitement? She still doesn't know. After the food came to their table, they were talking about a lot of things. Where the stores were at, where to avoid, where to have peace and quiet, where the library is. It was until then Feliciana said, "I love to go to the library. Sometimes, I do a bit of writing on the side. Just sometimes."

Kiku beamed up, "So do I! I'd love to see you at a library someday." He smiles at her. Again, she thought she saw a faint blush creeping up his cheeks. She dozed off for a while until her heard her name being called, "Feri?"

She snaps out of it, "Si?"

Kiku chuckles a bit, "Lets go. The cafe will be closing soon." Feliciana looks around the cafe, only to realize that there were only very few people left. She nods, "Si. Ok.." She gathers her things and began to follow Kiku to his home.

His house is very small, but big enough for a small family. As they entered the house, the living room was covered with books. Stacks and more stacks of books, mangas, novels, you name it. She said to him, "Did you buy a library?" She looks around in astonishment. Kiku blushed a bit and shook his head, "No. Sadly, I didn't," he joked, "I bought all these books to sell. I'm planning on opening up a bookstore soon."

Feliciana looks at him, "Really? That's so cool! I'm opening my cafe next week. It'll be nice to see you there."

"As well you in my Store," Kiku nodded. Feliciana smiles at him before saying, "What about dinner?" She says, her stomach growling once again. Kiku was caught in her daze for a while before snapping back to reality, "Hai! The dinner," he bows apologetically, "Im sorry, but you have to wait until I finish preparing dinner."

Feliciana shook her head, waving her hand, she said, "It's alright, Kiku! I'll help you cook dinner!" She tightens her ponytail on her head and smiles.


I've decided that I should write this one shorter. Like shorter chapters and all.. ^^; I'll continue writing~ Lets not worry a lot...~ o-o;

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