Re:First Gif

I May have fixed it, although it has taken me some time, and may not run smoothly ...

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New Gif

I found a pencil, yet haven't done anything yet, although I made a gif to soothe those who wished for me to continue drawing, please do not take this gif seriously, this is the first gif I have made yet, and it took me quite a while to put all the...

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Chapter stylist

I have recently heard of a game known as Attack on Titan Tribute game, or AOTTG for those who prefer the abbreviations. While I have lost my pencils and pens, thus stopping me from drawing (Terribly confusing story) I will be able to make characters in the game previously stated, so please don't be shy, it only costs you your soul and a quarter of an eye... (That was an attempt at a joke)

Hello again

I have gotten very bored having absolutely nothing to do but watch politics, which is why I made the last post. If there is something we can do, please let me know, although I will be going soon to eat, and will be back thereafter for quite some time.

Hilary/Trump related

Terribly sorry, I had shot myself once after hearing Trump's speech, no offense to any of you who prefer Trump, and I emptied the rest after hearing Clinton's, because I felt like manipulation was within it the entire time, although I am sort if I offend any Hilary Clinton supporters, albeit odd, but I may quit my job and simply move because (In my personal opinion, feel free to object in any way you please, I will listen to it) One candidate is an easily ill tempered man that will nuke anything that gets on his bad side, or at least threaten it, and the other is a dangerous choice due to some background checks I ran through for her, and am not legally obliged to say what it is.