Welcome to my WRECKTANGLED world, where everything I want resides.


I don’t know you, not even your name. Still, I like you. But i guess this is sayonara. I haven’t seen you for a couple of days. I’ll never be able to see you again. I’ll never see those curls (oh, and the band that sits on them), those eyes, your gait. All the images of you will be left in the summer rain. I have to. It’s a precaution. You see, I’m really vulnerable. I might break and there’ll be no one to fix me. *Laughs* How pathetic.


Please, don't start a fight.
I'm so weary of this routine,
And I'm ready to break if it ever begins.
So, please don't start a fight.
Rekindle the flame, and we'll never be the same.
So, please don't start a fight.
I've been wanting to rest.
I hope you won't protest and try to start a fight.
Let us calm our nerves because that's what we deserve.
Let's just peacefully sleep tonight.
So I give you a hug, on your forehead, a kiss.
Then, I whisper to your ear,
"Hon, have a very good night."


Everyday, walking into these cold halls, entering and being detained into these four-cornered prison, and straining my ears to the voices of Knowledge, is painstaking. I have to keep myself from stumbling, else, i might not rise up again. I need to feed my brain, else, I would drown into regrets. And then, I see you. While waiting for the mediums of Knowledge to start the sermon, I see you. You, who walked past me. You, who seated yourself on those cold, tiled halls. You. You had something in you. I just cannot come to paint it. Seeing you just lessened the ache. You sent your butterflies into my stomach. A cold, tingling sensation flowed through my spine. Yet, it dazzled me. You dazzled me. The feeling was just too fast for me to wave a halt to it. It was too sudden a realization that I was already infatuated. I was in doubt. So, I looked at you with critical eyes. I was perplexed to see that you are not as handsome or pretty as i thought you would be. You did not have a gait. But the feeling cling onto me like the fragrance of sweet incense. Then, I remembered and said to myself, you had something in you. I just cannot come to paint it.