Egyptian Deck

Monsters 1 Parasitic Ticky x1 ( To be replaced by Desertapir) 2 Muka Muka x 1 Hane-Hane x1 Man-Eater Bug x1 Dark Cat with White Tail x1 Dummy Golem x1 3 Bubonic Vermin x3 Swarm of S...

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Call me Exxod

Hey. I'm Exxod. I currently have over 15 decks that I am trying to upgrade AT ONCE. *head-desk* I don't have a problem choosing my cards. My problem is getting the right amount of money to the right place at the right time. They don'...

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I hope that everyone likes the background that i chose.
If u haven't seen it have a look


hi to all yu-gi-oh fans.This is a place for all duelists and other fans that like to talk about yu-gi-oh related things.Welcome to Yu-gi-oh 5d's.
I am Sara Jones. And nice to meet you.Good luck at dueling..


i'm trying to get all of the crystal beasts pegusis or the panther?

my monsters
i have 12 warriors (3 r not effect), 5 dragons, 1 spellcaster, 1 fiend, 1 sea serpent, 1 reptile, 1 insect, zombie, 3 fairys, 2 beast- warriors, 2 plants, 3 aqua, 3rocks, 4 psychic, 5 beasts, 9 winged beasts, and 11 machines.