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Mods' Choice

TORADORA! Chibi Tiger and Dragon ~o3otheblackcato3o
FAN ART | Toradora!

If the Heavens Ever ~Ritona Raito
ECARD | Original Anime and Manga

Awesome sauce Markers ~opalskys
FAN ART | Other Anime and Manga

Changing Channels ~Hunter Kaskura
FAN ART | Gaia Online

Throne Room of Glaciatus Castle ~NoxRequiem
FAN ART | Original Anime and Manga

Hetalia Pirate England ~yumifiqah
FAN ART | Hetalia: Axis Powers

Moral Support ~Tauria
ECARD | The Legend of Heroes (series)

hold me ~AikaXx
FAN ART | Original Anime and Manga

Silver Millennium ~Judai Winchester
WALLPAPER | Sailor Moon

waiting ~chibi-anna-chan
ECARD | Sailor Moon

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