sparkle 078 (eCard Portfolio) it's you

it's you

I should be commenting on LJ doing my hw but.........I didn't feel like . Sorry people, I still don't have much time to comment. Well.....more like no motivation. D: SORRY, SORRY!!! (crap, that just reminded my of super junior's song. Dx)

Anyways, I fell in love with the song and the lyrics so I had to make a card with Super Junior's It's You. ;_______; I know, FAIL. where's my j-pop love?

The text was a pain. D: It was coming along fine at the beginning but then at the end....yeah, let's not speak of that ever. SORRY FOR THE FAIL CARD!! *wishes she had someone to send too* can i send it to a friend? ;______;

Not really back to e-carding. I have no inspiration. T3T Thank you to all subscribers. LUV TO YOU!!♥

Lyric translations thank to this website.
WATCH THE VIDEO!!!!!!!! please. :3

picture colored by me. T_________T it's been a while. *coughayearcough*

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