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Gifts : Happy (late) Birthday!! ^^ Groovy Boar: Happy fantastic Bday to you! :D thelostsindar: *hugs* Happy Birthday! rose line: happy birthday ^^ Alice the Neko: Thanks for the cupcake :3 have a cookie! harvestmoonluvr: Happy 10 years with TheOtaku! <3 : Happy Thanksgiving^^ : Thanks for the sub ^^ OoAnBuOo: Thanks for the wishes~ hugs n kisses 4 u Kazamas-Keyblade: Happy birthday to ya Groovy Boar: Happy B-day! SmallxLady: Happy birthday! Here's a banana -w- misachan83: Happy Birthday! thelostsindar: Have the very best of birthdays!! <3 Kazamas-Keyblade: I will LGA775: Thank you my dear friend..:) Snowzi: Thank you! :) KairiJun: Thank you for being so kind and sweet ^^ KairiJun: Your words means a lot to me! LGA775: Merry Christmas my dear friend^^ XXOX Keba Si Rota: Just spreading some love. ^^ KairiJun: Thank you for eveything dear (^ ^) KairiJun: Happy very belated birthday >w< padirice: Happy birthday!! (Very late wish ;A;) LightFykki: Happy birthday Anna! ^___^ : lovely day lovely person you! :3 *hugs* : belated birthday XD But I hope you had a : Well with your time it's probably happy : Happy Birthday Anna~ nikkeh09: happy birthday!!!!! Lucy77: Happy birthday!^^ Sarasface: happy birthday :D thelostsindar: Wishing you the loveliest of birthdays!! misachan83: Happy Birthday! Sarasface: thanks!! Snowzi: Thank you! :3 Ellenor Mererid: Thank you very much! :D toyotami kun: Merry Christmas and happy new year! Angel Zakuro: <3 Same to you, dearie!!! <3 : May you have a lovely Christmas~ :3 : Thanks for everything, Anna~ *hugs* BanisherOfSouls: Here's a birthday banana! Huzzah! SweeTea: Happy Birthday Anna-chan!! <3 Sarasface: Happy birthday! twilight samurai: Happy Birthday!! Have a super day! :) thelostsindar: Happy Birthday!!! *hugs* Angel Zakuro: Happy b-day, Anna! *hugs hugs* : ) JanetChan: love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <33333333333 Angel Zakuro: Happy Valentine's day, Anna! :) thelostsindar: A panda-bear hug back to you! ^-^ : and...thank you. T.T *huge hugs* : May 2014 be full of rest & good health~ thelostsindar: Merry Christmas!! ^-^ Angel Zakuro: Merry Christmas, Anna!! :] Blue Latte: Happy Halloweeeennn!! <3 : *hugs* I love ya, thanks for everything. Angel Zakuro: Thanks for being so sweet!! <3 Angel Zakuro: *super hugs* TheTrollEater: Thankyou! Yummy cookie :) Sarasface: Random gift TAG! Pass it on! Sarasface: Randomly wishing you a happy Wednesday! Angel Zakuro: *hugs for being so sweet* Kami-chan.x3: *huggles* Angel Zakuro: *hugs* : ) ItachiSasuke: Happy Valentine's Day! <3 U Lot's! =D GIDRA: hugs nimbusoak: Thanks for subbing! SweeTea: You're such a helpful person! ;) Mazoku Knight: so i noticed you subscribed..THANK YOU! KairiJun: Thank you for your kindness! : You're sweet and lovely! *huggles* :) Angel Zakuro: <3 XkeyofdestinyX: I'm always here for you sweetie. : Happy Pocky Day~ XD EcardBeast12: Thanx For Your Comments! Rainbow Dragon: Gift 4 u. Thankies for gift. Love you<3 Rainbow Dragon: For being a sweet angel! Love ya~Judai<3 Angel Zakuro: rest in peace, ratties. *hugs* <3 Love u ItachiSasuke: May they always remain in your <3!~ ItachiSasuke: I'm sorry for your loss of your pets. DistantStar: Thank you for your expert help! :) : Thank you. :D *huggles* somegirl: :D Thanks chibi<3 GIDRA: thnx for commenting my art Rainbow Dragon: Random gift 4 u. Because you're nice~ LystikinenaXP: Gracias for the gift~ ryukenden: really thanks for subbing DistantStar: Congrats on winning in my challenge! :) cheriepy: thank you <3 Aria Sky: Aww, thanks so much! :D Kami-chan.x3: Thanks for participating *hugs again* XD Kami-chan.x3: Congrats on your win! *hugglez* :3 MangaKid: Thanks for the sub!! <3 deadly neko: Ur welcome. I thought we can be friends superstarpanou: Congrats on being Otaku Eternal! Yay! :D LadyDragonEye: Congrats on the promotion~! ^__^ Angel Zakuro: Congrats on the promotion! :) Angel Zakuro: Happy otakuversary! :D animae: thank yu anna^__^ ItachiSasuke: Just because you're amazingly awsome~ : Hope 2012 will be a better year! *hugs* FrAiSe TaRte: Thank you ^_^ Amestar: 3rd place!Good job and thnx for entering Ritona: Happy Halloween, Anna-chan! waiting for wings: I gift to you: Panda-chan! Vivianlove: Love for October <3 Kami-chan.x3: Next we cook up the sushi!! :D ~ Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY! ~ *throws noodles in the air* ElementalNinja: Here's A Cupcake! :D Sarasface: Random gift time! Enjoy pocky! Ritona: Pika-chuuuuu~ Sarasface: Thanks for subscribing! ItachiSasuke: Thank you for entering in my challenge! : Yummy bunny! Thanks! *huggles* Vivianlove: Have a nice day!! Kurihara Akane: Thank you for the subscribe :D Vivianlove: A little gift to you ^^ Angel Zakuro: You can make it through this! :) Angel Satina: sending you hugs!!^___^ Hanaro Souhi: Your sweetness is enough for a smile.^_^ : hope everything turns out alright.*hugs* Angel Zakuro: I'm here for you! *hugs* Angel Zakuro: no need for apologies, dear. <3 kobato chii: Thanks..^_^ Be happy.. Morbid Dollie: Aw, right back at you sweetie! <33~ NoirAngel: Hope you get well soon  ^_^ Hevn: For you.^_^ because, you're really nice! diamond9393anda: Loved your card, it was so cute :) NoirAngel: Thank you for the dedication ^_^ ReiKiba: Congrates!Never realised you're married! Ritona: Awesome Cookie For Awesome Person Yuuki Kross: Thank yoo:D Have a box o' Pocky!! jikosangel: thanks for entering my first challenge! : This is the lucky new year BANANA~<3 wallpaperotaku: be merry and bright this x-mas night! Angel Zakuro: THANK YOU FOR THE CD. :] : Keep your head up you lovely dearest you Angel Zakuro: <3333 you. :) *hugs* harvestmoonluvr: Thankful for you this Thanksgiving :D kimmy: thanks!!! (o^____^o) KrondorianV: Thanks for your help!!!^^ KrondorianV: thanks for entering my challenge! : Always keep on writing~ thelostsindar: Happy Wedding Day!! ^_^ : Wish you all the best with everything =D Hevn: Aw, that was sweet!:) jus like this cake : For all your special notes~ wallpaperotaku: ice cream that never melts :D TimeChaser: Hope you have a Happy Birthday! :3 : happy birthdayyyyyyyy!!!!! <3 : A puppy dog for you~ Hanaro Souhi: Arigatou!=^_^= You helped me very much!~ Karisan: coz i luv your ecards very much!!^^ : Thanks for being an amazing friend. ^_^ ulterego333: for an Otaku Legend =] Shadweh: Happy Valentine's Day! X3 : Happy Valentine's Day! *huggle* KitKatKitty: Congrats on the promotion! innocent heart: For becoming an Otaku Legend!! Love ya! VillageIdiot: Giving roses to all my subscribers-Raine : For a lovely lady~ Thanks for joining~! : ASDLKAD YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED :O LystikinenaXP: ~Congratulations Anna-chan~ ^_^* Neko Nana Mode: To the soon to be married, ZOMG! SQUEE! harvestmoonluvr: CONGRATS!! And just like HM, too! Haha! LystikinenaXP: For the best cake-baker in theOtaku � innocent heart: You make me smile brighter than sunshine : I WISH U HAVE A HPPY HOLIDAYS~<3 : Love your wallpapers! ^_^ Angel Zakuro: Merry Happy everything! <333 Shadweh: Thanks for everything. Merry Christmas! Pantalaimon1467: Congratulations on getting First place! : Thx 4 all ur kindness & caring ^_^*hugs* innocent heart: Happy Belated Birthday my friend! *hugs* Rae of His Light: Birthday Gift :D Neko Nana Mode: Pet for your garden chibilala: a rose for my new friend on her bday!^^ TimeChaser: Birthday gift for you. :3 Teapot Domescam: Feliz Cumpleaños! Kittenlark: HAPPY B-DAY, SWEETHEART! *hugs* Candiestripes: Anna, Your sweetness is the best thing! : XD *huge hugs* ^_^ Thank you Atsuyo. ^.^ Magnus Lensherr: Strength To Lug Cakes Around lol Buffy23: thanx for being a great friend! ^-^ Sakuracherry: :3 i love cherrys and you? ElvesAteMyRamen: I know you make cakes but pies are good! innocent heart: For a Beautiful and Caring Friend. *hug* Feonalily: thank you for all your support ^-^ Teapot Domescam: Let's bake a cake! Then we can have tea : *hugs* You're an amazing kind friend! ^^
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