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Gifts Kaerlyn: late birthday gift! Ace: Use it as a cane, old man. James: Happy birthday! Shishou: Hide all those old-man wrinkles. ;D Kei: Happy birthdaaaaay!! [/Abe Simpson] Katana: Happy fucking birthday! Miss Anonymous: Happy 26th! Have some internet pie. :V Nehszriah: Happy birthday! bellpickle: Happy birthday! Have a panda. :) AnimeArchAngel: Happy birthday Shin! Have a great one! Shishou: Shiiiiin, to old times! Miracle Star19: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D bellpickle: Extremely belated, but happy b-day~! Knowmad: Happy LateBday Shin!Hope u had work off Katana: Get working, soldier! (Happy b-day :V) Air-Dragon: Happy BirthDAY!*Dance* Nehszriah: Happy birthday, Shin! :D Ace: Pretty flower for the pretty awesome. AnimeArchAngel: Happy birthday Shinny Shin Shin! :3 : Happy birthday, hobo alliance buddy~ TimeChaser: Have this lifetime supply of movies! :D Angel Zakuro: Happy b-day!! :) Miss Anonymous: "It's Grandpa." [/Colin] Happy B-day. :V SunfallE: Happy Birthday. You get Life Potion! Miracle Star19: HAPPY EASTER!!! =3 Pleiades Rising: Vampire Slaying Pencil Japan: happy valentines! ^_~ Miss Anonymous: A portrait of Nick for V-day. ;P Shishou: hawt pie 4 u : LOVE BRICK! 8D Furry-Chibi: 2010 - Beginning of a new decade. Enjoy! Kaerlyn: Happy new  year :3 Furry-Chibi: Merrrrryy Christmas!! ^_^ <3 x3 :3 xD Angel Zakuro: Happy belated b-day!! :) Furry-Chibi: Happy Belated B-day, November Buddy! ;]] bellpickle: Happy birthday~! Kaerlyn: Birthday pie! Nehszriah: Happy Birthday Shin-nii! Michiyo Shimizu: Dude, happy birthday xD Have a good one! AnimeArchAngel: Happy Birthday Shin! :3 : It's no monocle, but it ought to do. TimeChaser: Birthday 'Nanner. :D Dagger IX1: Happy birthday!! Linden Rathan: Happy B-Day Shin! Ace: Now fly around and practice your cackle. Knowmad: Most original b-day gift EVER.Happy 24th Ryu: Birthday Banana for Birthday Boy x5 fast : HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU GET A BRICK. 8D Kastom: Eat this cake and grow strong this B-day ShadowLight: Half bitten cookie AHOY!Happy Birthday! Miss Anonymous: Testosterone Pocky for your birthday. Shishou: Dunno how I managed to fit Tenma in this Driffter: A birthday rose for a birthday rose xD TheOtakuStaff: Thank you for your hard work. ^_~ Mimmi: Your awesome level is higher than Pocky! Japan: Reminds me of my triforce story Michiyo Shimizu: 8D This is to show my friendship! *shot* divisionten: for a belated B-Day! : Happy B-day! ;D Here's a cookie! Desbreko: Puppy Shinmaru is growing up. Kei: Happy birthday! Have this dericious pie. SunfallE: Happy Birthday! =P Now, go and party! Pleiades Rising: Pandora's Box for the Winner! Ace: Do not taunt Happy Fun Brick. Mimmi: You're a darling :3 Adam: You've axed the competition
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