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First and foremost: Thank you to everyone who entered in my last challenge! The entries were just beautiful and were very difficult to choose! I'm grateful to everyone for trying their best.


Okies now the real challenge begins.

I've been thinking about this one a lot. I mean, there are so many good challenges out there, what can I do that's really different and unquie and one people might try.

The answer, is in the title. "An Image withing an Image".
Lately I've been seeing some awesome ecards, as well as that...outstanding icons. Yep. That's right. Icons.

So what I want you do to is to make an ecard as well as using that ecard to make an icon (avatar). Technically making an image within an image. In order to do this, you must post the link to your icon on THE SAME page as your card submission.

Sounds cool (hopefully?)
Okies, now here are the rules.

1) Like I said before, the card that you submit must also contain the link to your icon/avatar. If it does not, it will be disqualified. You can alter the image from the card to your icon/avatar as much as you wish (i.e. change to black and white, blur, invert colours).

2) Content can be anything. Video games, real life, anime, manga. Making sure that there's no excessive gore/nude images. Yaoi and Yuri are accepted...

3) You may leave your signature if you wish, but you must put a word on both entries. (i.e like "peace" or "believe")

4) Please site your stuff. I recommened not using Zerochan as tempting as that is, mainly because a large quantity of images are fan works.

5) Dedications. Please dedicate your card & icon/avatar to someone you think would really like it. I think it would brighten their day and they will also have an amazing new avatar XD

I think that's it. If I miss something, feel free to let me know by leaving a comment or PMing me. :) Oh, you do have to have a world to do this challenge...I guess I should have mentioned that before XD. Oh, and if I challenged you but you're not into making icons, my apologies, I just think your art making is amazing XD

Oh right, prizes:
First place: 3 icons requests (or 3 card requests)
Second place: 2 icons requests (or 2 card requests)
Thrid place: 1 icons request (or 1 card request)

**********Depending on how many people enter, there may be more requests taking as honourable mentions, which will be posted on my world XD************
~~~Plus everyone recieves a lovely gift :)

I'm giving you three months (because I'm away for most of August) Please don't feel bad if I don't comment right away. Summer is a really hectic time for me.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Special thanks to jikosangel, who indirectly reminded me that you can submit as many entries as you wish>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Results are now posted in my world Challenge Results

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