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Gifts LightFykki: Hope that you like cats.^^ Take care! :) : Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you're well Angel Zakuro: Happy birthday! : ) Enigmatic Turk: Happy Birthday! =D Afterglow: Happy birthday! I hope it's great. :D Natsu nii: Happy Birthday! :D ItachiSasuke: Thank you for being the bestest ever! XD superstarpanou: Happy Birthday! Have a good one this yr! greenLeAfe: Happy Birthday~ Sarasface: Happy birthday! LightFykki: Happy birthday! ^__^ 15385bic: happy birthday 2012! ItachiSasuke: Random gift~! Hope you're doing OK! ^__^ ItachiSasuke: Happy Easter My Friend~<3   <(^__^)> yuko9kost: thanks for subbing^^ superstarpanou: Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy today! ^u^b LGA775: Hehe thank you for the reply..^^ Enigmatic Turk: Happy New Year! Peep peep peep. : Thanks for all the support this year! :) Jouanofarc: Merry christmas for you too!! Afterglow: Haha~ Merry Christmas, Angel!! � Enigmatic Turk: Merry Christmas Angel! :D Have a good un : have a HO-HO Xmas cookie! <3 superstarpanou: Merry Christmas, oh Holy Knight! xD Yours Truly: Merry X-mas to you my love and BFF! :'3 LightFykki: Thanks, Merry Christmas to you too!^^ kilalalover: Happy Thanksgiving! PANDAA! :D Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY!! ~ ... random. gdaneqa: happy belated birthday!~~~ Sarasface: Enjoy random gift! X MAGE X: Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!  <(^_^)> ItachiSasuke: Dedication soon to come T^T I'm so sorry ItachiSasuke: I AM SO SORRY I AM LATE!!!! *BOWS* ItachiSasuke: Happy Belated Birthday Angel-chan!!!!!! MintIceCream: happy happy belated bday!!!!!!!!!!! WolfGoddess222: HAPPYYY BIRTHDAAYY!!!!! >w< VivaLaParadise: Happy B-day <3 Enigmatic Turk: Happy Birthday! Sorry for the lateness. Champire: Happy B-day!!! :3 Natsu nii: Happy Happy birthday~!Have a great 1! :3 Bluemoon Halo: Happy b-day ^^!~ Angel Zakuro: Happy birthday!! :D vdr-07: Feliz Cumpleaños!!! The Hamster wuvs ya! arcticwulf: Happy Birthday! C: Hope it's awesommee~! Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday!~ ^ w ^ trailmixy: Happy birth day awesome buddy Afterglow: Happy Birthday to you!! :) LightFykki: Happy birthday!! :)) superstarpanou: Happy, happy Birthday from Pauchuly~~ XD afikri10: Happy Birthday!Have a blast! Hanako Sho: Happy Birthday! ^_^ Make a wish :3 : Happy Birthday! Have a great one! ^_^ 15385bic: happy birthday =D VivaLaParadise: HELLO THHURR >:D 1dev13: A kitten for you! :3 Natsu nii: thanx 4 being one of the 1st 100! TTwTT X MAGE X: Thanks for the sub :D : :) ItachiSasuke: Congrats on the promotion! ^_^ ItachiSasuke: I really appreciate it my friend! ^_^ ItachiSasuke: Thank you for commenting on all my works sasoriofredsand: HEYYYY :D krokun: you bet it!!!!!!!!!! *glomps* kisses kilalalover: Happy Easter! :D Sarasface: thanks for subscribing! Happy Easter!!!! : Happy Easter! ^_^ Star Crossed: Happy Easter! ^~^ : Happy Easter! ShiningHime: Happy Easter Angel!! Angel Zakuro: Happy Easter. :) Arctic Summer: Here is another nice random gift!!! Arctic Summer: Its a random gift! foxfireburn: Thanks so much Angel!! =D Jouanofarc: thanks for adding me! foxfireburn: Have a Happy New years! =D Xiu: Happy New Year Year ! Star Crossed: Merry (late) Christmas & Happy New Year! reirei18 : happy holidays to u too..~<3 *hugs* Xiu: merry christmas !! 15385bic: happy belated xmas happy early new yrs krokun: thanks my dear angel!! the same 4 u! ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! :) arcticwulf: Merry Christmas!! C: Haxelo: Merry Christmas!! <3 *hugs* KungPowChicken: Merry Christmas! : Feliz Navidad!! :D >3< love youuu!!! RSRKingdomStars: Merry X-mas my awesome buddy! >:D : Happy Holidays!!! Quiet Noise: I wish u Happy Holidays my friend! ^^ BabyD: Merry Christmas! hohoho wuzzle320: Happy Holidays!!! ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas & Happy New Years! :) Water Nymph: Happy Thanksgiving! RSRKingdomStars: Grateful 4 a great friend like u :3 1dev13: Happy Thanksgiving! :D Haxelo: Cuddles ^w^!! Quiet Noise: have a happy Halloween my friend! ^^ Xiu: Happy Halloween !! Enigmatic Turk: Happy belated birthday! :) Also, thanks. aoneko: happy b-day~~~! : Feliz Cumple!! :D love you! SaturnSakura: Happy Happy Birthday!!! =D foxfireburn: Hi Angel! =D Happy Birthday!! 1dev13: Happy Birthday! I hope it's awesome! ^-^ Champire: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! ^w^ sasoriofredsand: YAY~ Here's your gift xDDD sasoriofredsand: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D vdr-07: HAPPY B-DAY ANGEL!!!!! 8=3 pau7: Happy Birthday ANGEL!!! xD arcticwulf: Happy bday Angel! Hope it's awesome :D Arctic Summer: Happy Birthday! =D WolfGoddess222: HAPPY BIRTHDAAAYYY ANGEELLL!!!! x3333 Angel Zakuro: happy birthday!! :) *hugs* TenshiHoshino: Have a Great Birthday! cassandra5322: HAPPY BIRTHDAT ANGEL! Star Crossed: Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one :D gdaneqa: happy birthday!!!!~~~ Anime snow girl: ~ H-BIRTHDAY ^-^ ~ Quiet Noise: Happy birthday to you !!!!!! ^___^ : Have a HAPPY HOLIDAYS ~<3 A billion hugs<3Thanksforallthesupport<3 : You are coolest krokun: off course! ill adopt you angel!!!!! hug sasoriofredsand: U REALLY wanna challenge me??? sasoriofredsand: YES!!!!!! sasoriofredsand: *hugs* BYE BYE sasoriofredsand: it's a bunny/rat/elephant thingy sasoriofredsand: must be asian xD sasoriofredsand: what the heck is this anyways? sasoriofredsand: *trips and falls face first into cake* sasoriofredsand: *bursts out of closet* BLLLLLEEEEEHHHHH sasoriofredsand: bleh! panda CPR!! sasoriofredsand: x_x now is really dead sasoriofredsand: *comes back to life and buries deeper* sasoriofredsand: OH NOES! *is getting crushed* sasoriofredsand: yay! *buries self with jackets and stuff sasoriofredsand: but your closet in nice and dark!! AWWW! sasoriofredsand: bye!!! sasoriofredsand: also adds flower to memorial sasoriofredsand: I am glad you had a nice meal xD sasoriofredsand: :O *is horrified* sasoriofredsand: EWWW! GROSS XD sasoriofredsand: *is dead* OH NOOOOOOOESSS sasoriofredsand: PANDA HUNTING!!! sasoriofredsand: sends this 'blimp' to eat dog eating pig sasoriofredsand: Dog attacks back xD sasoriofredsand: this isn't chocolate xD sasoriofredsand: *hands you exploding cake* ^_^ sasoriofredsand: oh noessss! *throws peel on ground* sasoriofredsand: I block with boring school work >:D sasoriofredsand: I block the attack with this!! sasoriofredsand: PRESENT ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sasoriofredsand: I think i added you a while back xD sasoriofredsand: We are still gonna be epic friends ;D sasoriofredsand: :O Whoa, I am SO sorry sasoriofredsand: wth ur a guy???!!! sasoriofredsand: Okay i will not kill you >_> sasoriofredsand: u mean the one  i light on fire xD sasoriofredsand: that's good, you dun wanna be on de list sasoriofredsand: xD it's true!!!!! 1oo % sasoriofredsand: how is it funny xD sasoriofredsand: :3 okay sasoriofredsand: how about super special awesomeness?? sasoriofredsand: yeah it is, i am glad We traded xD sasoriofredsand: *passes you the awesome* it's in the box sasoriofredsand: it's because I am made of awesomeness xD sasoriofredsand: THANKS!!!!!! Izukorai: Happy Easter! aragorn1014: To my commenting partner & artist!!<3 RSRKingdomStars: lol sorry for the scare~ XD ily<3 *hugs* vdr-07: Abra! vdr-07: Kadabra XD vdr-07: Alakazam *gets shot* Lumus Avatar: I shares my birthday cookie with you! reirei18 : thx for joining my challenge..~ *^^* gdaneqa: tx n happy new year!! innocent heart: For my Snoopy Buddy! Love ya! : *You rock!* <3 vdr-07: For an awesome artist & great friend! X3 reirei18 : seasons greetings'09..~~ *hugs* kukki-chan: happy holidays =D RSRKingdomStars: HUGS! :D cuz ure super awesome X3 ily<3 FUNimation: Merry Christmas!<3 aoneko: thanx krokun: gonna bite you then!!hahaha thanks angel KitsyLove: Happy Halloween,to you too! 8D cassandra5322: Happy late birthday! pocky :O Homemade birthday cookie for you!EnjoyX3 akira56: here you go welkums RSRKingdomStars: Thank u 4 being a great friend!^^ *hugs* krokun: hi!thanks for being 1 of my bestfriends! Dead Sharki: For the nice comments you wrote-^^- Team Plasma N: A Cake is sweet just like you sweetie! innocent heart: SNOOPY AND KOBATO FOREVER! *hugs* vdr-07: lets say angels like icecream 8=3 YuiKaueru: Yui wuvs joo! xD TenshiHoshino: Thanks for all the comments. ^_^ Enigmatic Turk: Happy Belated Birthday! =) Enigmatic Turk: Happy Belated Birthday! =) : just 4 ju ur 1st gift from diedei un^^
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