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Gifts Haitaka: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ^^ enkichan: happy birthday !! wh2000: Happy Birthday greenLeAfe: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ Kami-chan.x3: :D :D :D Happy B-day! *HUGS FOREVERZ* Blaze023: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!~~^^ IChiTa: and a BRICK! //shot IChiTa: Don't forget to eat CUPCAKES! IChiTa: HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAYYY~~~ IChiTa: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SENPAIII~ KiKaiya: Merry Christmas!! Have a Great one! ^^ Otomi Babii: Merry Christmas â�¥ -Nellie :3 kilalalover: Happy Thanksgiving! Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY! ~ *throws noodles in the air* Blaze023: thanks!! :))) <3 your art :) : :) : mmmmmm Ramen some thing naruto likes gumbygirl: Thank you for the advice! <3 krizomet: Very Belated Happy Birthday! ^^' moka27: for be my fav the o author wh2000: Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!! kilalalover: Happy Easter! :D Pikmin541: Happy Easter! : Happy Easter! IChiTa: Happy Easter~ AAKreations: Happy (VERY LATE) Bday! : HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D *glomps* gaaraskittygirl: Happy Birthday!!! ^^ I hope it's nice!! vdr-07: HAPPY B-DAY DEI !!!!!!! : happy birthday puppy! <3 KiKaiya: Happy Birthday friend! Have fun! ^^ winterlionheart: Have a wonderful day NeKo MoonShine: Happy birthday.:D hope u have a gr8 day! stinamuffin: Happy Birthday! :D wh2000: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : Happy (late) Christmas and happy 2011! littlepooch: Happy Holidays ;D <3 Otomi Babii: Happy Holidaysâ�¥ (((: Ryochi30: Merry Christmas :3 wh2000: Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! kilalalover: Happy Holidays! Naomi Bear: Happy Thanksgivng! :) â�¥ Nao : HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEN! :D Lonika: Just cuz you're awesome. :) Chibi Light: Thank you for favourite Animal Chibi sunachick: Thanks for participating! Congrats! sunachick: Thanks for participating! Congrats! Feonalily: thank you so much~~!! ^-^ fma pyro: Happy belated birthday! <3 krizomet: Belated happy birthday!! X3 gaaraskittygirl: Im sowy I missdid your b-day D: littlepooch: Happy(Really)Late B-Day, Dei-Chan~! ^__^ IChiTa: happy b day senpai~ Summer Daydream: This might be useful. XD HAPPY B-DAY DEI ajLOVEStobi: Happy Birthday Dei-chan!!!!~love Tobi!!! Naomi Bear: Happy B-Day Deiiii-chaaan! â�¥ Nae ^//3//^ Otomi Babii: Happy B-Day . Take the cake . ( ;  ~Lupe Otomi Babii: YOU TAKE COOKIE ALSO ! *burp* ... xP Otomi Babii: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! YOU TAKE PRESENT ! â�¥ Ryochi30: Happy Birthday!!!! ;D TifaLockheart15: Happy B-Day wolfdemonchild9: Happy B-day Cate!!!  /Sam wolfdemonchild9: Happy B-day Cate!!!  /Sam LoveKouichi: Happy Birthday! :D vdr-07: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! XD AngelsCryTo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITSUNE-CHAN!!!!! Mercury Dragon: Hope your birthday is b-a-n-a-n-a-s! KiKaiya: Happy Birthday!!!! ^^ arcticwulf: Happy Birthday!! :DD akatsuki15: Happy Birthday! wh2000: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! wh2000: HAPPY EASTER BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!! VivaLaParadise: thx for faving so many of my pics <3 wh2000: Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!!! SandLover13: Happy Valentine's Day, sis! ~Jess : A rose for my only Valentine <3 -CK : Happy V-Day! VWBSZWAS: For winning my challenge ^-^ : thanks for putting up with me Blood Moon Wolf: X3 Woof Thanks for being supportive :3 Deidaragirl123: thanks :) krizomet: wish u a lucky year 2010!! X3 wh2000: Happy New years Support KIRA: Happy Holidays! :) winterlionheart: I felt like giving you a gift, so I did simplebeast231: Merry Christmas!!! IChiTa: Merry Christmas senpai~ littlepooch: ^^ Merry Christmas ta you too Dei-Chan~! vdr-07: Told you about thegift thingy XD behappy Naomi Bear: Panda 4 u! Merry Christmas Dei-chan!! =D ajLOVEStobi: Sushi For a cool fish on Christmas XD Mercury Dragon: Merry Christmas!!  Hope it's good!! AngelsCryTo: CHRISTMAS COOKIE! XD : Merry Christmas Dei-chan <3 love you SojiRem: Merry Christmas! harvestmoonluvr: *chucks at you* Merry Christmas!! :D wh2000: Merry Christmas best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!! wh2000: I can always trust you simplebeast231: Happy randomgiftday!!! SandLover13: From Othello and Jess, to my Otaku sis:D AngelsCryTo: Thankies for being meh friend! ^-^ wh2000: Happy Halloween besty Yuri16: Thank You and Happy Halloween wh2000: thanks for being my first friend littlepooch: Ramen will cheer u up about school! ^_^ IChiTa: i give to u cause ur ARTISTIC !!! senpai Bridget121: i love you Ryochi30: Ah! Happy "Late" Birthday! xD Sorry! ajLOVEStobi: Happy (late) Birthday!!!!!! Love tobi. krizomet: Belated Happy Birthday! ^^ clueless101: Happy Birthday KYOKUNROX584: YOUR ART MAKES ME EXPLODE! *wink* HAPPY DawnAwakens: Happy birfday! ;D arcticwulf: Happy bday Dei-chan! Blood Moon Wolf: Happy b-daaay!:DI hope u have fuuuun:3 Deidaragirl123: Nummy! :P LunaLei: The box is better than the stick! : Thanks for being so nice to me dei-san!! YuiKaueru: 8D VG GRL 2000: You work with clay,now make this go bang ajLOVEStobi: Merry Christmas, Dei-Dei!^^ SandLover13: Merry Christmas, Deiara~Love Jess+Naara wolfdemonchild9: thanks for helping me Cate-san : Thanks for being my friend ^^ Dead Sharki: curse you're a nice friend-^^- wolfdemonchild9: thanks : hey, have a cupcakeXD : have a cupcake ^_^ ajLOVEStobi: Thanks for being my buddy! vdr-07: For being an awesome leader!! ¤Raijuu¤ : Youre a good friend!I'm glad to know you xXAkatsukiRulezXx: Hi ya!!^^ Hope u like it^^ SojiRem: 3rd place in SojiRem's contest kiba inuzuka5: sorry ur dog died this is 1 of 2 gifts Otomi Babii: Your art is a BANG! Thanks for everythin SandLover13: For being my best friend forever :) gaaragirl911: Thanks for being my buddy Kyuubi!
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