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    Welcome to Teh Biju Club's Demon Academy. Before we get started, are you a girl or a boy?


    All right, now what's your personality type? (be honest)

    Pain in the butt.
    Life of the party. (by your definition)
    Happy with where you are in life.

    Now, if you had to choose (out of these) which village would you live in?

    Leaf Village
    Stone Village
    Rain Village
    Sand Village
    Cloud Village
    Waterfall Village

    Okay, let's get started. You wake up unwillingly and walk to your closet. Since you don't have a uniform, what clothing style would you most likely grab?

    Gothic Lolita
    Any clothes that grab attention.
    Any basic clothes, often with a jacket.
    Bright clothing mostly.

    After you eat and dress yourself, you start walking to school, but you see someone getting mugged. How do you react?

    *groan* This'll waste some of my time, but I'll help.
    Nah, I'd rather not get involved. *walks away*
    I'll assist any way I can.
    I'll finish him before Teme even gets here.
    I'll fight him if I have no other choice.

    Whether you fought or not, you managed to make it to the academy without being late. Since it's your first time in the academy, which seat would you choose?

    A seat in the back. I want to avoid as many people as possible.
    The front. I may get called on more, but I may get noticed by the others.
    The middle. Blending into the background will allow more friendships.

    The teacher calls on you to introduce yourself. What type of introduction would you most likely give?

    I'll stand up and tell them my name, but in a cold way.
    I nearly fall out of my seat, but tell them my name in a calm manner.
    You just give out your name and sit down.
    You jump out of your seat and hug the nearest emo kid you can find and introduce yourself before you are beaten to a bloody pulp.
    You stay in your seat and just say your name and anything else if needed.
    Show off your demon form and nearly destroy the building.

    Time to go to gym. Here you learn your attacks and abilities to become a powerful demon. What color chakra would most likely fit you?

    White (Color calm enough to fit anything)
    Purple (Color misunderstood, but not completely in the dark)
    Red (Color that has a temper and feiry personality)
    Blue (Color thought to be popular, but is just like all the other colors)
    Green (Color wanting to be as noticeable as blue, but does the wrong things to gain attention)
    Yellow (Color best described as hyperactive, but kind when needed)
    Orange (Color that might not get noticed as much and acts coldly towards, but understands what others may need)
    Brown (Color unlike most of the others due to it's dark shade, but is loyal to those who need help)
    Tan (Color that is lighter than most of the others, but continues to fit in and thrive)

    Your teacher also wants to know the type of inner demon you possess. Which of these is (or close to) would most likely be your demon?

    Turtle or Shark

    The weeks of the academy progress and you start to become fond of another demon there. How do you show them you like them?

    Act like a jerk at first, but eventually start to like them.
    Do something bold, like kissing them point blank.
    Go and give the person you like a hug. They may not like you, but they'll come around.
    I'd probably be nervous. They may like someone else...
    I really haven't found the right person yet.
    I don't know how to approach them. *blushes*
    I may looks for signs if they like me back, but I could be clueless if they like me back.

    Now, you have to train and defeat an opponent. Which of these elements would most likely be yours?

    Water, maybe ice.
    Poison (That's an element?)
    Unknown for now.

    Now, the most important question. All the biju love music. What is your favorite type of music?

    I'll listen to anything.

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