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Gifts Sakaira: Happy belated birthday DeathSeraph: Happy birthday~ I hope you had fun~! PureChaos406: Happy Belated Birthday! DeathSeraph: Happy late Birthday!I hope it was great! Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! Sakaira: Happy birthday DuArMittAllt: Happy Birthday!!! Have n amazing day!! ShiningHime: Happy birthday! :) : Happy B-day! vampirehitsugaya: Happy Birthday!!! (=^.^=) Allie Elric: Happy birthday! CDCDCD89: Happy Birthday! Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =^D DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day! :) : Happy Birthday! Have a Great one! ^^ shellshell56: Happy birthday Kiiika: happy birthday!! ^^ LGA775: A heart for you.Becuase ur my friend^^ LGA775: Promise I'll be back soon my friend Hugs kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! Chaos Jonny: Happy B-Day, keep up art ^w^ DarkSong: Here's some 'happy late birthday' ramen! yuko9kost: Happy belated B-day!!!^__^ 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! =^D vampirehitsugaya: Happy Birthday!!! ^.^ KiKaiya: Happy Birthday! Have a Great Day!! ^^ PureChaos406: Happy birthday! Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! LightFykki: Happy birthday!! ^__^ : Happy Birthday :D : Happybirthday!! Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) Allie Elric: happy birthday! =] WeiQi: Happy Birthday!!! DeathSeraph: happy birthday! hope it'll be amazing ;) TokyoMewMewGirl: Happy Birthday!! ^^ Amestar: Happy Birthday :D marcinha: Happy Birthday!!^_^ alexea arescia: Happy Birthday!! : Happy Birthday!!! Vivianlove: Happy New Year!!! Vivianlove: Love for October <3 Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY! ~ *throws noodles in the air* Oni hime: POCKY!!! no one can resist the pocky!!! Vivianlove: Have a nice day!! : Gift for staying one of my subbers! Natsu nii: thanx 4 being one of the 1st 100! TTwTT : :) ilovetamaki: pocky! :) 21Emmz12: RANDOM GIFT! =^D : thanks for being my friend ^-^* AngelBest Dream: Hihi!!!!! : do you like ramen?  ^-^* : hope you like strawberry pocky! ^-^* akatsuki15: Partners in crime akatsuki15: Congrats on the Easter contest! akatsuki15: Happy Easter! Hevn: Have A Happy Easter!!!^_^ : Happy Easter! : Happy Easter! ecnelisterger: Happy Easter~ :) : Welcome back, Ushi!!! :D kita mikichi: Congrats on your promotion! ^^ ecnelisterger: Congrats for the promotion! :D infinatelove42: happy valentines day!!! *huggles*^^ akatsuki15: Happy Valentine's Day Kaagemusha: Happy Valentines Day! : Happy birthday sakurasista: happy belated birthday! ^W^ Allie Elric: happy late birthday!=] MariaCarlotta: Belated Happy Birthday! :D 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! =^D TamaDoodles24: happy b-lated b-day!!!  XD  : 3  XD  : 3 : happy b-day! (or late b-day) NoirAngel: Happy Birthday!!! ^^ pau7: Belated Happy Birthday!!! =D marcinha: Happy Birthday!^_^ ecnelisterger: Happy Birthday! CDCDCD89: Happy belated birthday! Gravity4Ever: ~ Happy Birthday!!!Hope it rocks!^^ ~ Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) AnnaKanda: Happy Birthday! Hope it's great!!! XD reichiinya: Happy Birthday! Quiet Noise: Happy  b-day my friend! ^__________^ churro: OMG! Happy birthday! Smiling Isoka: Happy Birthday! ^^ Hope it's great! Artgrrl: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! wendy218: Happy B-Day ^^ WeiQi: Happy Birthday!!! ^^ Air-Dragon: OMG!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY THATS AWESOME! vdr-07: happy b-day :D!!!! Timcanpy14: Have a wonderful birthday~ ^^ firefox360: happy birthdaay!!! :D AIloveAkuma: Happy Birthday!! :D Hanaro Souhi: Yay! Happy Birthday! XD Katherine Talbot: Happy Birthday! TimeWithoutEnd: happy birthday :) Amestar: Haaaaaaaappy Birthday!!!!!! nin-chaz: happy birthday! Yammi chan: Happy Birthday!!! LightFykki: Happy Birthday!!! ^___^ Yugara: Happy Birthday ^o^ Yugara: Happy Birthday ^o^ vampirehitsugaya: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! : Happy New Year!!! ^^ ecnelisterger: All the best for 2011~ :D Ryochi30: Merry Christmas! :3 MashMadness: Merry Christmas! mangageek: Happy Christmas Merry Holidays WeiQi: Merry christmas!!! ^^ Morbid Dollie: happy Holidays! envythejealous: Happy Holidays!!! Quiet Noise: I wish u Happy Holidays my friend! ^^ IwaseYaeko: Happy Holidays!! LightFykki: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! BabyD: Merry Christmas! hohoho : Happy Holidays! have a great one! ^^ AnnaKanda: Happy Holidays! mimistar98: mimistar98: Happy Holidays ecnelisterger: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! NoirAngel: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ^^ Rosie Chan: Congrats on winning the contest! :D : Happy Halloween ^_^ Quiet Noise: have a happy Halloween my friend! ^^ WeiQi: Happy halloween>.< : HAPPY halloween! ecnelisterger: Happy Halloween!!! XD akatsuki15: It's Almost HALLOWEEN!!! akatsuki15: For being a ramen addict like me!! Lonika: Just because you're awesome :) akatsuki15: for being a good friend WeiQi: here is a strawberry for you ushio >.< kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! ecnelisterger: congrats on the promotion!!! :D Shidonii: AAWWWW! SWEETNESS!ThankYou For The Gift! Shidonii: A gift for being so nice! AnnaKanda: Thanks for the sub~! missytcm: thanks 4 subscribing 2 me! : =] mikufanboy: Awesome signature thanks AngelBest Dream: Thanks,have a piece of cake :3 reirei18 : thx for joining Game Illust Contest.. <3 TamaDoodles24: just cause...DO I NEED A REASON!? :D firefox360: i give pawky to my subbers :D mikufanboy: Thanks for the Wallpaper TimeWithoutEnd: ^_^..thank you TimeWithoutEnd: awesome gallery =) : For you draw more awesome stuff : Probably^^ : when that day come,I will do so XD : Yup,alot of time! xD : I'm not at someones wife rank yet lol^^ : I could invite you anytime lol xD : Congrats on being his wife ^^ : awww I wish you luck,too XD : For now Kyouya and Akatsuki Kain^^ : lol yes I am a fangirl,and he is nice^^ : yep! Where have you read that? lol^^ : Your welcome,I believe you can do it!^^ : I'm sure you'll do fine,Ushio!~� ^^ : I just got done with my first few ecards : I'm doing fine,thanks for asking :3 : Hello,how are you today Ushio?^^ Captain Ronnie: Thank you for subscribing to me! <3 stinamuffin: love your work! keep it up! :D : You are entertaining... but farewell! Geassmaster: My kitty~ It's been a worderful 1 month Blake Jack: Thanks for joining my challenge Shizuki12: thank you for subscribing!!! : YUM!!!!!! ecnelisterger: thanks for the subs and everything!!! Champire: Thanks for participating!!!!!!! 8D noirassasin: Thank you for a wonderful challenge. :) akatsuki15: *bow* thank you Amamiya san sunachick: Thanks for participating! Congrats! kikkima: Hello  !! ^_~ nikuro: consolation prize.THX for joiningXD akatsuki15: For being a good friend! akatsuki15: *bows* Thank you for submitting my art! CreamyTea: You have so many gifts! xD *adds 1 more* Jokan: use your eye-stabbing jutsu! WeiQi: Nippah : just a little gift for you..... Gavreel: there you go AngelBest Dream: Gona be tomora all day to gift chat! AngelBest Dream: Hihi I'm back :3 Sasukes: This is from my naruto side^^ Sasukes: Cookie? ^_^ MariaCarlotta: Here's a cookie for a nice friend! :) ecnelisterger: so u can draw in it~ AngelBest Dream: It was fun today,big hugs! AngelBest Dream: I'm out to a friends house,see ya tomora AngelBest Dream: Must be sick to make that face haha XD AngelBest Dream: A happy bunny XD! AngelBest Dream: Oh poor u,sends random animal clean face AngelBest Dream: Awwww I thought you would stay there XD! AngelBest Dream: Humm if you dont like,then sends dog RCP AngelBest Dream: Nooo dont die(makes panda RCP you)! AngelBest Dream: Makes a half tone panda sit on the pile* AngelBest Dream: Stands up and pokes to see life signs* AngelBest Dream: Sits over the big confortable pile * AngelBest Dream: Ok ,if you want you can live there XD!! AngelBest Dream: Stop hiding in my closet XD!! theore0goesrawr: thanks for subcribing !! ^^ AngelBest Dream: I be here tomora to gift chat,waves XD! AngelBest Dream: adds a flower to the memorial :3 AngelBest Dream: Sleeps after a good meal (gochisosama) AngelBest Dream: She was tasty ,needs strawberry syrup! AngelBest Dream: Hummm sushi!! Eats dead girl sushi XD! AngelBest Dream: Sends you a bunch of wild animals! AngelBest Dream: Seems victory is mine today XD! AngelBest Dream: Moves a big Panda to eat blimp! AngelBest Dream: Oh god ,sends a hungry pig that eat dogs AngelBest Dream: The cat eats that thing and attacks :3 AngelBest Dream: Trows explosive out and hands dead mufin AngelBest Dream: Big fall (lands on a confortable hat) AngelBest Dream: Drops ramen in the homework shield! AngelBest Dream: Shoots more gifts! AngelBest Dream: A bit late but Gift Attack!!! polkadotty: ty for the sub! Jokan: For killing people! (please not me) AngelBest Dream: Ice Cream!!!! AngelBest Dream: Yes we will :3 ,already added u ^_^ AngelBest Dream: GTG but we crazy gift again! AngelBest Dream: Haha its ok O_o! AngelBest Dream: Yes I am >_> AngelBest Dream: Yes I am :3 ,most angels are XD AngelBest Dream: Lol I'm not a cute girl,Im a cute guy XD AngelBest Dream: Oh,but why a cute enemy must die? AngelBest Dream: But also the cute enemy girl sounds fun! AngelBest Dream: I think I stay with the best friend XD AngelBest Dream: The best friend or worst enemy thing XD AngelBest Dream: Deal! I saw your profile, it's funny XD AngelBest Dream: I can teach you photoshop for S.A AngelBest Dream: What else u got :3  ! AngelBest Dream: awesomeness for photoshop is a nice deal AngelBest Dream: Humm pass me some awesomeness XD!!!!! AngelBest Dream: Wow,for the fastest comment shooter!!!!! AngelBest Dream: You now have photoshop skill! hikokoromi: thank you for everything too! :3 kucingkepanasan: enjoy! ^^ RimaUmiToya: Thank you for being so nice - Rima ecnelisterger: thanks for the gift!!! ;D cieaki: symbol of our friendship Champire: Hey! Just wanted to say Happy Easter!!! : Happy Easter~!~!~!  =^.^= Miracle Star19: HAPPY EASTER!!! =3 : Happy Easter... alpacatard: HAPPY EASTER FOOL!!! ;D HentaiBakaChan: You too ^______^ aoi bara: congrates! Wigley: Happy Easter to you too :] : Happy Easter ^^ Artgrrl: Thanks & Happy Easter :D : This is for your great contest entry. CursedRat: Happy April Fools day to you too ChibiSasuke: Happy april fools Usi! <3 Mocha chan: EDWARD CULLEN SUCKS! Happy AF day! CursedRat: Thank you CreamyTea: You're a great friend & go Pokewalker! LaughingAtNothing: Hia! This is for being so nice to me! : smile-! LovelyRisa: Thanx for your support! alpacatard: ;D Itsurara: Here ya go~<3 Miracle Star19: Happy St. Patty Day =3 ulterego333: Congrats on getting promoted! WeiQi: Send me ice cream Plz :D Artgrrl: For being awesome :) akatsuki15: thanx again akatsuki15: Thank you for helping me sub my fanart! Puppet Mistress: Thank you for the contest entry! ^^ Senri Shiki: here =.= SweetSleeper: Didn't forget, Happy Valentines Day ~L Minicies: have a pocky StarlightPrincess: Happy Valentines Day to you!! : Happy Valentine's Day Behind Blue Eyes: A Pleasant Valentines Day to you ^_^ Miracle Star19: *Cupid strikes* HAPPY V-DAY!!! X3 : Happy Valentine's Day.. : Happy Valitines Day! ollee: thank you for subbing^^ RedPandaAlchemist: Happy V-Day!!!!! PurebloodLord: Do not worry, Lady Ushio. kamaki486: look its a panda ^-^ Crehea: Pocky makes the world go round ^.^ SweetSleeper: Happy Birthday ~L Ramilaj: (Unhealthy) but YUMMY cupcake for you.~~ : nice to see u again!! AdiosXDKokobongo: Thx for the warm  welcome nikuro: thx for sub back!!:) Manicies: thanks for the gift (have a pocky) Smiling Isoka: Happy belated birthday! Hope it was fun! : Happy b-day! : thanks girl for the pocky *munch munch* TigersKiss: Thank you for welcoming me......=^-^= lnts: Thank you for subbing^^ : Please forgive me, Ushio-san PurebloodLord: I am sorry that I worried you. : Thanks for being so friendly! ^w^ Cute Smile: happy birthday X3 Manicies: have a pocky Manicies: oops. I meant to say Manicies: have a povky Manicies: even MORE pressies : Happy Birthday!!! XD Manicies: even MORE pressies Manicies: more presents Manicies: Happy b'day Manicies: more pockies Manicies: lots of pockies Manicies: here's another ShingetsuHime: a very happy birthday! Platinum Chan: haooy birthday! ^_^ Invisigirl: Happy Birthday!!!!!!! CursedJashinist3: Oi, happy Bday, Ushio xXxXRaeRaeXxXx: Hahaha ur getting old!!! Happy B-DAY!!!! narutoKHfighter: happi bday Manicies: A little birdy told me you like pocky... : HAPPY BIRTHDAY StarlightPrincess: I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!! : Happy Birthday!! ^_^ here's an ice cream Mijmo: HAppy Birthday sasorio-Friend-chan! :) CrimzonN3k0 z: Happy birhtday!!! ExplosiveArtistUn: happy b-day!!un : Happy Birthday, human Girl LGA775: Happy Birthday..May you have a gr8 1!!! LGA775: Thanks 4 favourited my art..^^ : Spending time with a lowly Arrankar Smiling Isoka: For being my friend for so long! :D LGA775: Thanks for favourted my art..^^ Gift 4 u ms cold: Thank you for your help! Smiling Isoka: How about the cherries of friendship? ;D kit puko chan27: thank u for welcoming me to TheO! : Have a cupcake! : ^^ I like pockey too!! Morbid Dollie: For your pocky, you get a cake!!!! =3 Smiling Isoka: Thnx 4 pocky...I give you...POCKY BOX!! : have a cookie Uryu15: have a cookie that i bit off of. :D : Have a pumpkin!!!! Uryu15: heres a box of pocky Uryu15: Uber Cupcake
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