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Gifts Blue Latte: Happy New Year, Hanako! =D Blue Latte: Happy Halloweeeennn!! <3 aurora witch: Keep up good work <3 Thiefspawn: Sorry for late birthday wish~ ItachiSasuke: Sending you some good ol' Otaku <3! ^O^ : Congrats on the promotion. :) ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion Hanako<3! :D Kaerlyn: I hope you had a lovely birthday! :3 hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday � reichiinya: Happy Birthday! LGA775: Happy birthday my dear friend..Huggles Karisan: Wish U really Happy Birthday Hanakochan! DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! have an awesome day :) Allie Elric: Happy birthday! Lucy77: Happy birthday!^^ ItachiSasuke: Happy Birthday! Best wishes to you~ =D LightFykki: Happy birthday~!!      ^___^ : Happy B-Day! Hope you have a good one! Rainbow Dragon: happy birthday 2 u dear~Judai 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =^D aka yuki: A great day today *confetti* aka yuki: To you I hope you have aka yuki: Happy birthday to you happy X MAGE X: Happy birthday!!! <3 xAsukachanx: Happy Buddaaay Hanako~chan (~^.^)~* Snowzi: Happy Birthday! ^_^ AriaFlosh: happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!! RayMan87: Happy Birthday to you :) ItachiSasuke: Wishing you peace, joy & <3 this Easter Kami-chan.x3: Thank you!! && *huggggies* ^^ aka yuki: Happy Valentines Day Blue Latte: Happy Valentine's Day! <3 : Love you a lot,dear friend. :3 ItachiSasuke: Happy Valentine's Day! <3 U Lot's! =D ItachiSasuke: For being an amazing friend ^__^ <3 Karisan: Wish U a very Happy New Year Hanakochan! Ikemarth: Merry Christmas my lovely! <3 ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas! Best wishes to you~! :D kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! ItachiSasuke: Hope you have a ~Happy Halloween~! >3 Ikemarth: Happy Halloweeny! ~ <3 :D ItachiSasuke: Heyo~ Long time no see! Hope you're OK~! gomdorri: thankeess. :3 and luffly wallpapers~ gomdorri: Fank yew berry muchee. <3 DistantStar: Thank you for your expert help! :) gomdorri: PURDINESS Zuzu Uchiha: welcome back ^_^ ashio: Thank you! :) xx : Thank you :) animegirl171: Thanks :3 metalb2: Thanks for taking part in my challenge RainYandere: thanks for the sub (^^) LGA775: Promise I'll be back soon my friend mwah ItachiSasuke: Random gift~ Because you're amazing! :D ItachiSasuke: Thank you for all the lovely icons<3! :D xianlee: Thanks 4 participating in my challenge! Allie Elric: happy late birthday! :3 : Thanks. :) Congrats to you too! =D kikkima: CONGRATS ON UR EXAMS!!! � : congrats on the promotion! :D hetcheywerewolf: Thank You!! <3!!!!!! kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! Natsakura: Thanks! *-* : thank you! >u< Everlasting Light: Thanks for the gift and kind words ^-^ xAsukachanx: Aww thanx (����) congratz to you too~ ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion~! ^__^ kikkima: Good luck on ur exams smart cookie! kikkima: thank you :D kikkima: TO MY FAV SUPERHERO!!!! XD Rainbow Dragon: Congrats on 1st place in challenge! LGA775: Sorry I'm late..Happy late birthday^^ kikkima: � Happy Birthday Mi-Mi � Kaerlyn: Happy belated birthday! :] Jessicaanimelover: Happy belated birthday :D Timcanpy14: Happy birthday~ ForeverForget: Happy (belated by one day) Birthday!! :D 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! =^D fuko chan: happy birthday!!!! Sakura Kokoro: Sorry if I missed ur birthday~ TTATT Natsakura: Happy belated birthday! Heartstop: Happy Birthday Hanako!!! :D Rainbow Dragon: Happy l8 b-day! Hope it was a great day! DNArtiste: Happy Birthday!!!! MangaKid: Happy B-day, dear! Ur so awesome! <3 reichiinya: Happy Birthday! itemilicious: happy birthday~~ :'D ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one :D Princess Yue: Happy B-day, meow! X3 Dark Flame 3479: Happy Birthday!~<3 :D RayMan87: Happy b day :) : Happy Birthday :) aka yuki: Happy Happy Birthday aka yuki: Happy Birthday Saya Kyoichii: Happy Birthday Kiiika: Happy Birthday!! ^^ Kazamas-Keyblade: Haps 2 U! xAsukachanx: Happy Birthday Hanako~chan :3 Lucy77: Happy birthday! :) Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday!!!! : Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful one! ^^ SaxGirl: Happy birthday!^__^ Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday! > w < : Happy Birthday! :3 Ikemarth: Happy Birthday! =D Hyonimaru: Happy Birthday :D Blue Latte: Happy Birthday!! luicifers wife: Happy Bday & Many More! SuperAnimegirl33: Happy Birthday my friend ^^ hetcheywerewolf: HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 LightFykki: Happy B-day 8D May your wishes come true Karisan: Wish U very Happy Birthday Hanakochan! Kami-chan.x3: To 1 of my fav. eCard makers on TheO. :D Natsakura: Beautiful entry in the challenge! Natsakura: Congratulations! First place in Gothic S Natsakura: Happy Easter! (PT_BR:Feliz Páscoa!) Aria Sky: Happy Easter~~ animegirl171: Happy Easter ! :) Blue Latte: Happy Easter!!! :3 Karisan: Wish U a very Happy Easter!!^^ Morbid Dollie: Happy Easter!!! Hope it's great!!! ItachiSasuke: Happy Easter My Friend~<3   <(^__^)> Kami-chan.x3: 'CUZ I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR CARDS! :D cheriepy: thank you for the sub ^^ : Thanks for subbing :DDD Pikamama: � hanatanxpokota: thanks for being my friend and fan!! Amaya Hana: ff cazzmataz: The avi's are awesome!! ItachiSasuke: Happy Valentine's Day Hanako~<3 ^__^ MangaKid: Happy V-day to you too *hugs* BabyD: Happy Valentines Day!! X3 Felcie: Happy Valentine's Day <3 Dark Flame 3479: Happy Valentine's Day~~<3 Immortal Queen: Happy Valentines day!!!! <3333 cazzmataz: Thanks for subbing :) beloved blood: THANK YOU SO MUCH XDDD!!! MangaKid: KYAA! ^_^ U R SO AWESOME <3 Karisan: Wjshing you very Happy Holidays!! Ritona: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! ItachiSasuke: Thanks for your entry in my challenge~! ItachiSasuke: CONGRATS ON THE PROMOTION! ^_^ kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! Vivianlove: Happy Halloween!!! ^^ yuuki fiedell: HAppy hallowEEN!!!  =3 TheDarkAngel: Happy Halloween! ilovetamaki: Thanks! Happy Halloween :D NeKo MoonShine: Happy Halloween to you too >:3 Nru: Thankyou, & Happy Halloween to u too :) Timcanpy14: Happy Halloween! tiggerola: ко� гово�и� п�иве� :3 josephine12cute: Thanks for entering 'Within Borders' :"> beloved blood: Oh, and your avatars are awesome!!! XDD! beloved blood: Thanks for the subs!!! X3 Aria Sky: And the congrats! :D Aria Sky: Here's one of your gifts (as a prize)! Vivianlove: Love for October <3 ShiningHime: Thanks sooo much for the sub. <33 szaleksandra: Thanks^^Arigato NoirAngel: Thank you for the sub ^_^ SaxGirl: Thanks for entering my challenge!^^ : Aww thank you  for the gift and wish :) fukachan: hana-san~ ;) hope we can be friends~ ^^ : One for you. Vivianlove: Thank you ^^ NeKo MoonShine: Thank you ^-^ a gift in return~ :3 Nru: Thankyou , VivaLaParadise: Thank you for all the faves <3 xTanziex333: For being awesome ^^ xTanziex333: your's again :D xTanziex333: For being awesome!! ^_^ ilovetamaki: No problem!! :D Vivianlove: Thanks for hugs and favs my cards <3 ^^ xTanziex333: thank u for the sub!! :D : Thanks for subbing me! ^_^ ItachiSasuke: Thank you for entering my challenge! ^_^ X MAGE X: Thanks for the sub :D hanawa: Congrats for that awesome "+"! =D : :) kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! ^^ yuuki fiedell: congrats for the promotion yulia! <33333 ItachiSasuke: Congrats on the promotion! ^_^ nirvana donut: thanks for the beautiful contest entry! Domine Kuro: no prob ^_^ hanawa: Welcome back aboard! ^^ LightFykki: Here is a small cookie first! :3 hetcheywerewolf: Thank u for the sub!!! haz a cookie! nom : thanks for the subs! <3 : ty again for the Grell ecard. I LOVE IT! : welcome.ty for the strawberry.love them : thanks for subing me. you like roses? Bleachic: Thank you for the sub, my friend :3 TheDarkAngel: Thanks for the sub~! Let's be friends~! AnnaKanda: Thanks for the sub! *Subs back* junshu: ...Just because you're you...
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