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Gifts Sakaira: Happy birthday nikkeh09: happy birthday!!!!! thelostsindar: Happy Birthday! ^_^ SmallxLady: Here's some special birthday ramen ^^ Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Ramen-san!! Kaerlyn: Happy birthday! :D ItachiSasuke: And some good ol luck as well! ^O^ ItachiSasuke: Much love sending your way! <3 : something tells me that you like ramen ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday Danny! Best wishes to you SmallxLady: Happy birthday friend! Here's some sushi Sakaira: Happy birthday blue dragon123: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! thelostsindar: Happy Birthday! ^-^ Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Ramen-san!! ItachiSasuke: You need more heart gifties!! >O< ItachiSasuke: You need more heart gifties!! >O< ItachiSasuke: You need more heart gifties!! >O< Keba Si Rota: Thanks for the FCAP promo. Snowzi: Thank you! ^_^ foxfireburn: Thank you!! =D toyotami kun: Merry Christmas and happy new year! ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's! :D toyotami kun: Happy  late birthday! : great one~ Wish you all the best~ :) : ddddddddddd Birthday, hope you had a : Happpppppppppy Beeeeeelaaaaaaaaaateddddd chihiroyin: belated happy b-day :) nikkeh09: happy birthday!!!!! Kazamas-Keyblade: Happy Birthday to ya! edisshort: Happy Birthday! superstarpanou: Happy Birthday, dearie~ Have a good one! Sakaira: Happy birthday :) teapartyprincess: happy birthday~~ DuArMittAllt: Happy birthday!!! You're awesome!! :D ItachiSasuke: HAPPY BIRTHDAY 009! Best wishes to you<3 thelostsindar: Happy Birthday! ^-^ Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday HotRamen-san! ItachiSasuke: HEARTS FOR YOU!! *Throw confetti* ItachiSasuke: Random gift! Have an awesome day! :D animegirl171: Thank you for the birthday wishes :) hatakeotaku69: thanks for the sub senpai : Thanks bro ~ you too ! :) ItachiSasuke: Happy Easter 009! :D mystic midnight: Thanks for the sub! OwO nikkeh09: Thanks for the sub ^^ ItachiSasuke: Be mine! Happy Valentine's<3     ^O^ AriaFlosh: thank you soo much ^_^ MangaKid: Thx Ramen!! I hope u r well 2!! <3 :) foxfireburn: Thank you very much! XD elkcuhs: Ahh! Happy very-late New Year & Xmas! Hisaishi: Subscriber gift for the new year! AriaFlosh: Happy new year :3 chihiroyin: 2 0 1 4 Happy New Year !!! MangaKid: Merry Christmas, my dear friend!! <3 : May you have a fabulous 2014. :) byakuyarox1: Merry christmas! toyotami kun: MeRrY chRiStmAs and HaPpY nEw YeAr! thelostsindar: Merry Christmas!! ^-^ ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas!<3 Best wishes next year Allie Elric: happy late birthday!(�(��ิ౪�ิ�)�)� GummiKidd: Belated Happy Birthday! Haitaka: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ^^ edisshort: Happy Belated Birthday! : Happy Belated B-Day, hope it went well~ luicifers wife: Happy Belated Bday!! & Many more!! : Happy late b'day! : Happy birthday toyotami kun: Happy Birthday Ramen!!! : ) Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Ramen-san!! Valerie014: Happy birthday! Best wishes to you! :) : Happy Birthday my friend!!!!!!!! :D :D wallpaperotaku: Happy Birthday! ItachiSasuke: Happy Birthday! Best wishes to you~ =D Sakaira: Happy birthday AriaFlosh: Happy birthday ��(@°�°@)�� kitabug69: Happy Birthday my friend... (: chihiroyin: Happy b-day :)) enkichan: Happy Birthday !! thelostsindar: Happy Birthday!! ^-^ yummy suika: happy bday!! <33 : happy b-day ^__^ artistcilla: Hey Happy Belated Hallowween! Kaagemusha: Thanks!! you too! artistcilla: Thank you for the gift  ^_^ : Keep art alive! Thanks for the support! : You Came 1st in the Caption Battle! artistcilla: Thanks for the ramen  ^_^ KonomiShinra: Here's Pocky for you too ^^ mampo: of cours, do you like bananas? : thank you for the sub :) have a good day KK Slider: :) chihiroyin: Thanks :D KonomiShinra: Thanks for the Subs hehe ^^ Blaze023: thanks for the sub!!!^^ : Enjoy! SmallxLady: Thanks for the sub ^^ Jenny Lyn Young: congrats on winning my challenge ItachiSasuke: Sending you some good ol' Otaku <3! ^O^ artistcilla: Thanks for the subb! nimbusoak: Thank you! Valerie014: Congratulations on the promotion! ^^ : Congrats on the promotion. :) Haitaka: Congratulations with Senior Otaku++!! ^^ ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion 009! WOO! :D CelestialSushi: Yay! Congrats on the promotion! :D kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! Zuzu Uchiha: congrats on the promotion ^_^ potatomonster: ramen for you ^_^ enkichan: thanks for subing me ^-^ Kazamas-Keyblade: To Chameleons!  Keep it up! chocolatemud: thank you for entering my challenge ^.^ Hifsa: happy Easter :) ItachiSasuke: Wishing you peace, joy & <3 this Easter : Thanks so much for the wishes :D Kami-chan.x3: Thank you! & Happy St. Patty's day too! : THANK YOU~<3 mampo: happy easter mampo: That was real nice to explain me all. Snowzi: Thank you! ^_^ MangaKid: Happy Valentine's Day 2 u 2, Ramen!! <3 : Happy Valentine's Day to you too! ^^ LGA775: Happy Vday my friend^^ ItachiSasuke: Happy Valentine's Day 009! <3 U Lot's! MangaKid: Thanku, I'm much better!! ^_^ : Best Wishes to you in the New Year! ^^ MangaKid: Merry Christmas, Ramen! Love u  <3 animegirl171: Merry Christmas! :)) Best wishes ^-^ CelestialSushi: Merry Christmas! ^_^ thelostsindar: Merry Christmas!! ^-^ ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas! Best wishes to you~! :D pandaman08: Happy belated birthday!!! XD Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday!! Ramen!! : Happy birthday <@:o) <<<<<< clown face : Happy Birthday! Have a Great one! ^^ Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) Rainbow Dragon: HAPPY B-DAY! Ramen 4 U! from Judai<3 Darkarax: Happy Birthday.  :) ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one :D teapartyprincess: happy birthday :3 Allie Elric: Happy birthday! kitabug69: Happy Birthday and many more... (: MangaKid: Happy Birthday, dear Ramen!! <3 : Merry Birthday!!  NOODLES thelostsindar: Happy Birthday! ^-^ Mazoku Knight: a banana to your ramen ~ Thank U4 t sub! MangaKid: Thanku 4 being an awesome friend 2 me!!! phoenix509: Thank you! ANd I shall ;D KK Slider: Thank you blue dragon123: Awesome job! your promoted Aria Sky: Thanks so much! ^^ catsworld: Congrats on the Promotion!! :D Natsu nii: Thanks you too! :D MangaKid: Congrats on the Promotion!! ^_^ kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion~! ^__^ CanIPikachu: Thanks for the gift :3 <3 Captain Ronnie: Thanks for the subscribe!~ <3 MangaKid: Ramen 4 u, Ramen!! ^U^ LGA775: Promise I'll be back soon my friend : Awe! Thank you very much! :3 Kami-chan.x3: A banana for you. lol. random. XD *hugs* Natsu nii: thanks for the birthday wishes! ^_^ : Thank you for the Gift! ^^ pandaman08: hmm..i thought u might need this :) PurpleMochi: Thank YOU 4 the sub! JanetChan: Thank you soo much! <33333 pandaman08: i'm feeling generous :) CitrusStorm: Because you got those free drinks.  XD CelestialSushi: Thanks for the sub! Have a pocky :3 MangaKid: Get well soon! Have some ramen!! :D : Thanks for the bday wishes~ umchan649: Thanks for the sub!! pandaman08: congrad on the promotion!!!! XD yuko9kost: thanks for subbing^__^ teapartyprincess: happy valentine's day :3 hetcheywerewolf: Thanks 4 the sub heres a kitty in thanks apple pai: Happy bIrthday! sorry 4 da late! Dark Phoenix: Thanks for the sub! blue dragon123: Happy Birthday! teapartyprincess: happy birthday teapartyprincess: happy birthday pandaman08: Happy Birthday! Have a good one Allie Elric: happy birthday! =] : Happy Birthday :D LGA775: Aww happy birthday..^^Hav a gr8 1 yuuki fiedell: Happy B-day Ramen! <3 mAkE A BIG wish Sabriela Hellena: Happy birth day ^u^ MangaKid: Happy B-day, my friend! All the best!^_^ thelostsindar: Happy birthday! ^-^ LGA775: Thanks for the comment and sign^^ greenLeAfe: Thanks so much for the sub~! : thanks for the sub! :D : Thanks for subbing me! ^_^ superstarpanou: Thanks for the sub~~ A cookie for you~~~ : :) Natsu nii: thanx 4 being one of the 1st 100! TTwTT pandaman08: take it hurki uchiha: thanks of the gift. KittyNyaNya: Thankyou!!! Portal GLaDOS : Aperture Science Welcome You! yuuki fiedell: congrats for the promotion! <33333 WeiQi: thanks for entering!!! Takosu Echidna: Thanks for the Ramen! X3 Takosu Echidna: Hiya : Thanks for the sub :3
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