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Gifts fuko chan: happy birthday!!!!!! 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =^D Hanako Sho: Congrats on the promotion! >w< : Thank you for the Gift! ^^ akatsuki15: Happy super late birthday! Sorry!! X) Carina1301: Happy Birthday, hope you have a good day fuko chan: happy birthday have a ramen : ) ArtSwordman Brush: have an AWESOME Birthday!! : Happy Birthday!! 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =^D akatsuki15: haha(: akatsuki15: You betcha! akatsuki15: Haha srry about the late reply(: pocky? Sarasface: or a dinosaur Sarasface: or a chicken pic. Sarasface: OM NOM NOM POCKY!!! Sarasface: yay for pocky! Sarasface: thank you! Sarasface: Yes, it did. Sarasface: Thanks...I needed a cookie right then.(: Sarasface: You're welcome! Sarasface: Random gift time! Enjoy! akatsuki15: No cake is for throwing lol! Nino Umaka: Thanks so much! :3 akatsuki15: Dog for luck! AnnaKanda: Thanks for subbing back! XD akatsuki15: Glad to hear it(: dusktilldawn713: ima bit late but thnx 4 subbing :D Kaitlin Star: lolz thanks for the box of chocolate Kaitlin Star: heres some cake lolz!thanks for the pig : Thanks for subbing me! ^_^ Kaitlin Star: lolz i want a pig again Kaitlin Star: sure that would be cool .thanks. 21Emmz12: Thanks 4 the kitty~! Here's a duck X3 Kaitlin Star: lolz heres a strawberry Kaitlin Star: lolz im sure it was good! Nino Umaka: Thanks so much for the sub! :3 : who is a cute little ducky! You are! : here comes doggy to watch to! : *also watchea ducky* :D : Awah your welcome!! *hugz back* : your welcome *hugs back* : Of course! *hands you a piece of cake* : nummy! : I likez chocolate : lol xD : Oh phew! lol xD : Wha-?? Paint her!! : kitty likes to be feed xD Kaitlin Star: heres a cookie to Kaitlin Star: here's a bannana with that lolz : Kitty is glad you lke him Kaitlin Star: lolz do you want some cake with that pie Kaitlin Star: lolz eat the cookie to Kaitlin Star: Thank you! Hi ducky,say hi to ice cream! : Aw! YOu like ze kitteh! : Hey mr.ducky! *Shows cat* meow! (hi) : Your weclome! *hands cookie* :D Awoodz : bye Awoodz : hehehe Awoodz : yayzzzz Awoodz : best friends Awoodz : yay later Awoodz : ! Awoodz : hehe Awoodz : yayz Awoodz : yay Awoodz : thx friend ambrensakura : RANDOM GIFT!!!!!!!!!!! XD Blindloverr713: Thanks for subs! Have Cup-o-Ramen! akatsuki15: Thanks for the gift! Luck with the story ilovetamaki: :3 Neko Hikaru: meow!DUCKY!!!*plays with ducky* meow  :3 Neko Hikaru: meow meow meow *plays with wool* :3 Neko Hikaru: ROSE!!!!!!!!! *hugs* sooooo pwetty meow : KYAAAA!!!! STRAWBERRY POCKY! *hugs* ty yuuki fiedell: congrats for the promotion! <33333 : ty ... want.. ehhh.... a broom? lol ^-^ : welcome! yumm cupcake!!! cake? ^^ ambrensakura : Good luck on randomness to you as well!! yuuki fiedell: ice-cream~~ =3  =^____^= yuuki fiedell: yummy~ pie~~ XD : thank you! i'm fine :D Sarasface: yes, I'm well, thank you! ambrensakura : random pockybox Hetcehy-san! ambrensakura : thanks forjust random stuff hetchey! X3 brokenpixi: the last one didnt sent lol : Happy Easter! ^_^ Sarasface: Happy Easter!!! brokenpixi: cupcake!!!!    yay : Thank you for subbing! ^_^ ambrensakura : Poky hetchey-chan? Bleachic: And thanks for the sub, my friend! :3 Bleachic: For your first gift, my friend :3
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