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Gifts Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Saras-san! DemonsandAngels: Happy birthday! Hope it's wonderful!! : Happy Birthday! :3 Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Saras-san! Kaerlyn: Hope you have a beautiful birthday :3 DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday!! I hope it's amazing~! kita mikichi: Congrats on your promotion! LGA775: Thank u 4 all ur continuous support^^ DuArMittAllt: Happy Birthday!!!! (A little late >.<)<3 Kaerlyn: Happy belated birthday! 21Emmz12: Happy Birthday!! Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Saras-san! DuArMittAllt: Happy belated!! Have a great year!! :D Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Sarasface-san! SaxGirl: Happy birthday Sara! :D hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday � Larxy The Strange: Happy Birthday!!!!! : Happy birthday! DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! have a great one~ :D : Happy Easter~!!! ^^ : I'm so sorry.... XxArrancarFanxX: Happy Valentine's Day! LGA775: Thank u my friend^^ I will be back soon tethysal: happy halloween ! 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Hifsa: thanks for the dedication :) Hifsa: Thanks for the pumpkin, have a duckie :3 tethysal: thanks for the sub. ^^ XxArrancarFanxX: Thanks for the sub! :) DemonsandAngels: I didn't know there was banana gifts! :) SweeTea: Random gift right back at you!<3 : thank u ^^ for the gift Kaagemusha: Welcome :D GreenHairAlien: thanks for the flower^^ 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =^D DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! have an awesome day! :D Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Sara-chan!! hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday � LightFykki: Happy birthday Sara-san~!! ^___^ SweeTea: Happy Birthday!  (´���*)� Larxy The Strange: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! XP Vanilla Cupcake : !~Happy Birthday~! GreenHairAlien: Thanks for comment on my Ciel drawing Rainbow Dragon: Random gift~POCKY 4 u~*huggles* ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion Sara!! :D ItachiSasuke: Wishing you peace, joy & <3 this Easter ItachiSasuke: Happy Valentine's Day! <3 U Lot's! =D ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas! Best wishes to you~! :D ilovetamaki: Thank yOU :D : :D Blaze023: Thank you for the sub!!^^ : Fire all at once!! :3 Rainbow Dragon: Cookie 4 u for being awesome Rainbow Dragon: Thanks 4 sub<3 hope can be friends 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! =^D DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! have an awesome day!! :D fuko chan: happy birthday!! : Happy Birthday! have a great one! ^^ Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday! SaxGirl: Happy birthday Sara-chan!^^ : Thank you! :3 Crimson Buu: Merry Christmas : Thank you :) ilovetamaki: Happy Thanksgiving ^-^ <3 thelostsindar: Thank you! ilovetamaki: Happy Halloween :D Crimson Buu: Thank you for sub ^^...once again : aw, thank you x3 21Emmz12: CONGRATS ON THE PROMOTION~!! =^D honeyblue: hee thank you sarasface! xDD ilovetamaki: Quack! 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Bluemoon Halo: Pandas galore >XD!!!~ : You don't want to know why it's smiling. Hulaberry32: You can do it! x3 Bluemoon Halo: Attack back >D! : I'm gonna egg ya now! ^_^ : Some spooky fruit for you! Hulaberry32: I love roses! <3 Have some luck! Bleachic: A random gift to you too XD : The grackle will be watching you...*-* : How about we fight in the shade? Lol. : Gryffindor wins! Lol. : Now it's two times the fun? : Gryffindor! Yellow and red rock! : I'll give you a cheerie! XkeyofdestinyX: guggles. thanks for the gift! Hulaberry32: A flower for you! :3 : lulz! yay! xD : That's it! Gryfindor or hufflepuff? Hulaberry32: Random gifting is fun! :3 : Fine, have a banana!!! : Dang, why chocolate? Oh no, the dog... : Oh yeah? Multiply it by 20! Lol. : Oh yeah? Two can play at this! :) : Okay? What goes around comes around! 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I appreciate the sub <3 hetcheywerewolf: icecream! nom nom nom hope your well XD Bluemoon Halo: I hope you feel better soon ^^! Bluemoon Halo: Thank you too ^^! Morbid Dollie: Thank you for caring! <33~~ ambrensakura : Happy late easter X3 LightFykki: Thank you! Happy Easter to you too! :) piggyback garu: BEWARE THE DUCK! happy easter : Happy Easter! Hulaberry32: Thank you! :D Morbid Dollie: Congrats on the promotion! X3 LightFykki: Thanks! Here's a pie for you. Morbid Dollie: Random, but appreciate <33 Thanks X33 : Cause you're awesome in every way! :) Morbid Dollie: Thank you for the subscription! ^_^ LightFykki: Welcome to theO! Have fun! :)
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