Viollet Couple

Hello everyone!! Here's my new wallpaper challenge.

Last time, I only got three entries for my Beelzebub challenge. I knew from the first that I wouldn't get so many entries because Beelzebub isn't so popular here, but actually I was hoping for more than three entries. This time, my challenge will be very easy so I really want to see many great entries.

Well, the title says it all. I want to see a couple in the wallpaper. What I want is seeing a boy and a girl in the wallpaper. It can be from any anime/manga, video games, real life person, cartoons, and anything, but no yaoi or yuri, please.

1. You have to credit all sources, the picture(s) especially. If you don't give me the link to the original picture, I will disqualify your entry.
2. Don't use fanart, even if it's a usable fanart from theOtaku. Use scans and screencaps only.
3. Follow theOtaku rules.
4. No nudity.
5. Cross-over is allowed.
6. It has to be your own work!
7. Unlimited entries!

That's all for the rules. I'd love to see beautiful and romantic wallpapers. >w<
I'll be judging based on the quality and effort.
Have fun!!
I give you all 2 moths.
If you have any questions, just comment!!

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Light Up My World ~Blue Latte
My Moon and Stars. ~BabyD
Our Distance ~Aria Sky
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