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Truly Kind

I just read somewhere, stating that a kind person towards animals or pets, is even kinder with fellow human beings. Whereas those who are cruel & violent to animals, are getting more violent to other people. Well, I strongly agree with this. I don't really like & I personally hate any cruelties to animals. >.<


It was quite funny coz I'm insisting the scan to spirited16, the creator of Meow Challenge. Obviously, he has cat's ears, and the rules clearly states that no guys w/ cat's ears allowed. I don't like breaking any rules, but this scan really caught me! He's handsome eh This is where my heart beats! It feels like that.

Well, I believe they'll judge the card we've made and not the scan we used.

By the way, I cutted the upper part so his ears won't be seen for the challenge. Hehe! Who would have thought he once had it?


To spirited16, THANK YOU!

Thank you for everything especially for allowing me. You don't know how glad I was.
And I want to say that I like this challenge! Since a child, pet cats had been a part of our family. So I grew up with a heart for cats. Meow! :3


•quote - I just rephrase it

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