Quiet Noise (eCard Portfolio) broken & redeemed

broken & redeemed

my 2nd entry for the { opposites attract } challenge by diamond9393anda

here I have expressed the "opposite" using 3 things:
well as I said before, on my 1st entry, I used yuri, 'cause it's the opposite of normal...this is the first one
the second one is the "angel and demon" theme or "good and evil" theme
the third one, I made them both opposite of their real nature: a broken angel and a redeemed demon, I totally love her steel wings. I used burned paper, because fire is a primordial element and it's connected with the "good and evil" theme. Burning can be good or bad.

I used the words I used are from the first book of "The House of Night" Series, Nyx's words, a changed it a little:
by Nyx - "The House of Night" - Book 1
"Remember, Darkness does not always equal to Evil, just as Light does not always bring Good."
my version:
"darkness does not always equal to evil and light to good...
and these words are mine:
a broken angel and a redeemed demon"


original artwork (c) respective owner (don't have a link, I have it in my PC since 2007)
Vintage Grunge Texture by funerals0ng
burned paper by aby7777

Work dedicated to noirassasin, I don't know if you like yuri, but I know you like quotes, you always put such epic words in your cards, when I write the words it reminded me of your cards, hope you like it, your belated b-day present..., still on with the project..

Hugs, favorites and comments all appreciated !

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{ opposites attract }

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