nirvana donut (eCard Portfolio) I Smile... from intense laughter

I Smile... from intense laughter

I know this isn't likely all that motivational, but my favorite reason to smile is as a result of a joke or a funny occurrence. I LOVE to laugh, for me it is the best way to bond with people. I trust people who can make me laugh; I value them deeply as friends and coworkers. Life can be so dull; so seemingly pointless, through the monotony of the work week, the coursework, even free time feels forced. many times, i feel stressed out because of the many responsibilities i hold, deadlines i need to meet, money i need to budget, examples are endless.

the only cure to the drudge of middle class existence is... well... a sense of humor. live life with a joke up your sleeve, look at mundane things in an abstract way, i know your life will feel more full to you.

dedicated to: romanos_vixen
thanks so much for always favoriting and hugging my stuff, it really makes me feel good!

picture- Anime Paper
brush- Photoshop Essentials (Grunge Scratches)

fonts- Gill Sans Ultra Bold (laughter) 04b_03 (true joy, shared with the ones you love)
team 7- Masashi Kishimoto (i'm sure you all know that by now)

Anyhow, may this cheer you up, ritona! Have a wonderful evening (or day, whenever you read this).

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