Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) love in your eyes.

love in your eyes.

Baaaaah. This card sucks. I'm sorry. ;__; And I worked in it SUCH a long time, too. Ugh. What a waste. Though maybe I'll look at it tomorrow and not dislike it so much. I don't know. It's just today was a really crappy day, thanks to the flooded part of our basement, and most of the day was spent going through our things and throwing stuff away. :( Ugh...

Anyhoo...getting back into Loveless. <3 So I felt like making a card from it. A shame it didn't turn out how I wanted. I swear I'm losing my skills! Dx I used this scan...and mostly added textures and different lighting and such. The typography gave me a whole heckuva lot of that's what bothers me most. Yay random heart behind it. [I removed it.] >>' I may edit this if I feel like looking at it again lol!

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bl, brown, eyes, heart, love, orange, ritsuka, shounen ai, soubi, yaoi
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