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Isn't Listening

I'm not exactly a Christian, Catholic, or any of those, but I do believe there is a God. So, I guess I'm agnostic. I'm having this message relate to religion because sometimes, we depend a lot on God, thinking that everything will go alright because we have God with us. But, that sometimes doesn't happen. Sometimes, your life still gets ruined, something goes wrong, and you blame it on God, thinking he hates you or....isn't listening.

So, for this image, I chose one where a guy feels like giving up, because God isn't listening to his hopes and wishes. He's so depressed that he (if you look closely) cuts his hand. Don't do that, people! Sometimes, what happens depends on your actions. God isn't always there to protect you!

I believe this image is from a manga. (I lost the original link)

Anyways, hope you like this!

Message: "I'm losing hope; GIVING UP; God isn't listening"
Little letters that you can't see and isn't meant for you to see: "i don't know what to do, do I keep going? should I stay strong? should I keep on believing? Should I kill myself?"
# of textures used: 1

Dedicated to Ritona Raito because I made this for her challenge. Hope you like this e-card!

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