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“É per l’amore che ti do/ É per l’amore che non sai/ Che mi fai naufragare e”
Translation: “It's for the love I give you/ And for the love you don't know/ That makes me wreck”
(From “Oceano” by Josh Groban; translation from this translation at LyricsMode, though that place is full of ads o_o)

Yay for cards in other languages :D

So here is one entry for TwinkLes’s “Un’altra Lingua 2” challenge. I hope to do at least one more (and in a different language… one that I can actually speak a little of XD Note: I don’t speak Italian… though it sure would be nice.)

I love the ARIA series, and I love some of Josh Groban’s Italian songs. Take into account that ARIA’s main location is a recreation of Venice, Italy, and boom! The two things work together :D In the card is a picture of Undine (female gondolier, as they’re called in the series) Athena Glory, known for her singing.

Also, Josh Groban sings so wonderfully, especially in Italian ^_^ That, and because it’s a beautiful language for songs, made me choose to make a card with Italian. The language and song came first, followed by wanting to do something with ARIA. Pretty much.

So now for credit where it’s due:
-Athena image: Official artwork from official English site (click on the "characters" postcard and go to the section for "the ANIMATION" rather than "the ORIGINATION" which is what it's on by default, I think)
-Background image from Microsoft Office 2007 clipart (search term “Venice”)
-“Oceano” by Josh Groban; lyrics obtained from the album Closer’s CD booklet, and translation from LyricsMode

eCard created in Photoshop Elements 10; the background filter was “Rough Pastels”, and I used the fonts “Viner Hand ITC” and “Harrington.” A couple of effect brushes that came with Photoshop Elements 10 were used, too.

Also, if you haven’t seen any of the ARIA series, I highly recommend it (but please don’t get it confused with Aria the Scarlet Ammo, because it’s not the same thing)! They have the DVD sets available at RightStuf (who put together the DVDs), but your library might carry them (I know mine carries all but the last season).

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Un'altra Lingua 2!

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